Kansas City Blogging Vs. Anti-Muslim Talk

Faith life writing works toward religious understanding amid divisive public discussions and world war . . . Take a look:

The ripple effects of anti-Muslim rhetoric: 4-8/9-17

One of the things that has struck me when I've been in such countries as India and Saudi Arabia is the desire of young people there to go to the United States for a college education. In fact, when I...


  1. But Anti-White , as usual , is A-OK.Fuck you , Bill.

  2. Read the article.

    Billy Tammy laments the lack of enrollment of students from, among other countries, Saudi Arabia. Billy believes that students from other countries, who (And this is important, as it drives our own Academic Institutions to favor them, over native born Americans who pay INSTATE FEES.) take billets normally available for in state students, are representatives of Truth, Justice and the American Way when they leave, or, if they stay, contribute to the joys of a diverse and inclusive new America that is helping weed out that old tired Judeo/Christian ethos. Yeah, there is irony here, but let's move on.

    So, those folks, who show up to euchre our own kids out of places in University, by way of money spent with rapacious and sickeningly Leftist Colleges, are a benefit?

    They are a Wahhabi Islamic people, the most extreme of the extreme Islamic fundamentalists. They participate, gleefully in those oh so popular, those-kids-are-crazy genital mutilation, honor killings, stonings and the list of Bronze age atrocities will not stop.

    There is a history of bringing in extremists to the US and it is not pretty. Sayyid Qutb, the founder, the fuckin founder of the Muslim Brotherhood was educated and lived in Colorado Springs Colorado.


    If you matriculate in Colorado Springs, then go home to found an organization so extreme, that the Egyptians put you to death for being a whack job..., well, you get my point.

    In is not all rainbows and unicorns Billy and the pernicious effects of pushing out our qualified applicants for your hopes and dreams of a borderless, fucking disaster, like the ones in Europe, I hope, are at, at least, a temporary end.

  3. he's so open-minded his brain has fallen out.

  4. "...they go home after being educated about American culture and they become ambassadors for the U.S. and for ideas about freedom..."

    WRONG, they enjoy a four year break from their oppresive native countries, get the benefit of a superior education, and then return home to take up the mantel of oppression of others. Hell, even Assad wad educated in Britain, a lot of good that did.

  5. ^^^ Exactly right. In his 1950's book titled Islam and the Problem of Civilization, Muslim Brotherhood founder Qutb wrote:

    “What should be done about America and the West, given their overwhelming danger to humanity…? Should we not issue a sentence of death? Is it not the verdict most appropriate to the nature of the crime?”

  6. OK Lets give them all student visas providing they can appropriately document two years of fighting ISIS and can be certified as having never worked in or been connected to a single Opium field in the Middle East.. Case closed!

  7. ^ "appropriately document" and "be certified as"? Yeah, good luck with that.


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