Kansas City Blogger 'Snowflake' Confessional

One of our favorite local bloggers offers an inspiring bit of progressive push back worth a peek amid the era of divisive political rhetoric . . .

"Yes, take pride in being compared with the powerful force of one of nature's true miracles."

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On Being a Snowflake

In the Age of Trump, people on the "right" have taken to calling people with liberal and progressive ideas "Snowflakes." Their reasoning is ...


  1. At least you are not a prejudice bigot who generalizes all who you disagree with.

  2. No. You are being called a special snowflake because of your delicacy and generational narcissism. Thanks!

  3. While trying to justify weakness you say that snowflakes are strong in number
    But you leave out something
    Snow melts fast and is usually shoveled out of the way by men with weapons I.e. Snow shovels
    Look at the snowflakes in Europe
    They are being shoveled out of the way by Muslims who know that nothing is going to stop them from raping the women and taking over Why? Because they traded in they're manhood for honor of being a sensitive, caring liberal snowflake

  4. Precum...the father of cum guy4/2/17, 11:06 AM

    She is a snowflake through and through. Another white prog feminazi who believes she is enlightened, intellectually, and morally superior to anyone (read white men) who fails to pander to her and her ilk. She actually supported Toni (Ill eat a dick for dope) Bones in her misguided anti cop publicity campaign. Black criminals are victims, abortion is totes cool, and conservatives all want to put a blue ink stamp of ownership on womens pussies and then grab them. Fuck this faux victimized snowflake, her fellow snowflakes and the mentally castrated beta males who worship at the altar of political correctness.

  5. Other observations:
    Snowflakes are usually dreaded because of the mess and even danger they sometimes create. They're quickly tainted by dirt and dog piss. They can only survive in very specific conditions. Few miss them when they're gone.

  6. Read my lips biotch! You Lost!


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