Kansas City Blogger BBQ Bracket Winning

Even more overwrought praise for Joe's Kansas City just like all the other tourists . . . Nevertheless, there are a few decent suggestions to pick over and all of the better names come up when locals trump foodies and the constant fear of offending restaurant owners. Take a look:

2017 KC BBQ Bracket Final Results - KCFoodGuys.com

After 3 amazing weeks of Kansas City BBQ the KCFoodGuys are ready to announce our KC BBQ Champion and the winner of the People's Choice bracket below, and like last year our best meals were served in the final matchup. First up was our bracket final - Q39 vs S.L.A.P.'s We'll brake it down like this: ...


  1. Steve Watt, please make your first order of business; tell your newscasters to STOP singing when they talk. This sing song speaking pattern is annoying.

  2. ^^^ Agree.


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