Kansas City Armour Road Redux

Quick look big plan is the low-rent enclave across the bridge. Here's a peek at progress on a beer budget:

With Flour Mills Razed, North Kansas City Digs Into Armour Road Transformation

North Kansas City is opening a new "front door" on Armour Road, transforming land once dominated by massive flour mills into a mixed-use district that includes an $8 million jewelry store. The new Meierotto Jewelers facility now under construction is part of a 15-year redevelopment effort by the small city just across the Missouri River from downtown Kansas City.


  1. Whoopie - HQ for Meierotto's Jewelry, already HQ for Helzberg's Jewelers, and HQ for Cerner (for now).... They want to put 2 hotels and a golf lounge in that space. Well, 2 new flop-house druggie hotels should add the right amount of slummy to the area. I looked at the Grand Plan for NKC and was amazed that it didn't show many people of color. The reality is that NKC High School has become a top ghetto school, similar to something you would find south of the river. NKC itself is a pimple on the butt of KCMO.

  2. The Meierotto family has a SHIT TON of money. Their mansion on Vivion Road has 13 freaking bathrooms.

  3. 1:47 Does not know what they are talking about. NKC is much nicer and peaceful than KCMO. The bar district has two brewerys, pickle ball courts and several beer gardens. Gonna give Westport a run for its money.

  4. 5: 36 - three breweries, not two. And two BBQ restaurants. And one of the best sports memorabilia places in the counry. Etc. NKC is booming.


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