Friday, April 28, 2017

Kansas City Activists On The Road To Protest First 100 Days Of Prez Trump

More local opposition to the agenda of the news Prez from a dedicated local cadre of voters still recovering from the EPIC defeat of Fmr. SecState Hillary Clinton. Take a look:

First 100 days: Kansas City protesters march in DC to protest the president's environmental policy

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. - For the second weekend in a row, tens of thousands of environmentalists from around the nation plan to march at the nation's capital. Among them will be a couple dozen activists from Kansas City who are protesting the president's environmental policy, including his lack of action on climate change and they keystone pipeline.


Anonymous said...

Pace yourselves, snowflakes... only about 2800 more days to go.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

Are they getting $15.00 per hour? What about gay wedding cakes? What about Tranny potties? I guess safe space isn't on the protest list this year. Cant wait for the other clowns to get here.

Anonymous said...