Is Missouri Congress Lady Ann Wagner Smart Enough To Beat Sen. Claire McCaskill?!?!

Taking gender identity politics might not be enough to unseat one of the top Democratic Party leaders in the nation. Check one of the best interviews with this GOP lady challengers and tell us if she can rise to the challenge:

TWMP: Ann Wagner, the race for U.S. Senate and the state budget

On Sunday's This Week in Missouri Politics, host Scott Faughn is joined by Congresswoman Ann Wagner to discuss her large fundraising totals in the first quarter of 2017, working with President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. and their burgeoning professional relationship, as well as why she has had such a long career in politics.


  1. What are her views on unsolicited bulk email?

  2. She will really need to activate the Republican voters. Most libtard women wont vote for her 'cause she doesn't look like a fay butch lesbo.

  3. anything would be better than these Degenerate Communist pathetic Liberals !!!


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