Here's How To Apply For The Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Extension Secret Ballot . . .

Here's a quick glimpse of voter suppression still, tragically, in action in Kansas City . . .

In order to vote in this mail-in election, you must

- Reside within the boundary of the District
- Apply for a ballot, beginning on April 5, 2017
- Be a registered voter at the time you apply for a ballot
- Provide proof of voter registration at the time you apply for a ballot as discussed below
- Return the application for a ballot no later than 5:00 p.m. CDT on May 23, 2017

Applications for a ballot will be available between April 5, 2017 and May 23, 2017, as follows:

- Download from (internet access required), or
- Pick up at the Jackson County Courthouse, 415 East 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106, Third Floor, Room 303, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except legal holidays

And this is how they keep as many people away from the ballot box as possible.

Remember the last time they allowed voting at open polls among a larger group of local residents, the effort was resoundingly defeated.

Now the best way to pass the extension effort is by a few hundred votes like they did the first time around.

Developing . . .


  1. This is a process that Putin could admire.

  2. I thought this was the final TKC april Fools Day joke

  3. Trying to become Detroit, where there were 782 more votes than eligible voters in last November's election?

  4. Whoa, Nelly, Tony.

    This is just to form the secret cabal, the TDD. And it appears it's by invitation only. Nowhere does this Circuit Court Judge H. Dale Youngs (remember this name, folks. He sits for re-tention on a future ballot) order the election commission to mail out ballots to all registered voters in the district. Which is how every other mail-in ballot I've ever seen in any city or state the past decade is done. Nope. One must opt in to apply to be ALLOWED to vote on the new district.

    One must PROVE they are registered to vote, even tho they're mailing application to the elction board, which already KNOWS the answer! Are they that lazy? Busy? No--they want to erect another hurdle--to suppress the vote and ensure that only the YES voters will clear that hurdle.

    And get this, if you mess up the application, the judge is not ordering that the election board do the usual thing and CONTACT YOU and coach you so you qualify. Nope--into File 13 (that's a wastebasket for you kiddoes.) You will not be notified, you just won't receive a ballot, and by the time you realize it, it will be too late to reapply!!!!

    The only thing that's missing is the SAE secret handshake, and singing the fraternity song, which in the case of SAE at Wichita State where my ex-husband Murray J. Brown was president, is a sappy little song, "Violets, violets, you're the fairest flower to me." But in Sly's case, the song might be a relyric: "Violence, Violence. you are of no consequence to me!"

    If this election rigging was ordered by a judge in the 60's in Mississippi it would be viewed as an obvious shell game strategy to supress the black vote. It would be illegal.

    Finally--Tony, did you notice that the purpose is to establish OWNERSHIP and operation of the extended Trolley Line, from Crown Center to 47th & Main and out SE to 53rd St? OWNERSHIP?

    So who else but the City of KCMO would own this? Investors would only buy it if they could make money. Does this mean the TDD District might raise sales taxes, or sell bonds and TRANSFER THE OWNERSHIP to another party??? Before or after the financing is in place?

    Does this mean that the trolley would charge a fare to ride it?
    What about the ATA? Are they secretly scheming to fold this into their system?

    To be discussed.
    But note, it didn't take even 12 hours for the City to roll out this next shell game after the 123GO Bonds. Makes your head spin.

  5. Love the part about having to prove to the almighty Election Board that you ARE a registered voter! As if looking up a few hundred applications, online in their own data base, would be just too enervating.

    Imagine if when we pray, we had to prove to God that we are who we say we are!!!!!

  6. Tracy needs a doobie. I'll pay for Uber to deliver one to her in Shawnee. AND the $25 possible fine.

  7. This additional boondoggle of $250 million in taxes will be approved by the same 350 insiders who approved the downtown TDD. Do you know all the people downtown who already voted on the current streetcar get to vote again? If that isn't the most corrupt part of this I don't know what is.

  8. Yes , YOU must Prove your a registered voter who lives with in the confined circle,,,,, according to the Degenerate Communist Liberals at KCMO City hall,,,

    Yet, Kansas City, Missouri is considered a Sanctuary City, according to the Degenerate Communist Liberal Mayor, Sly James and the illegals don't have to prove a damn thing,,,,,,

    Communist Lib'Tard will give the illegals anything they want, and they can VOTE and don't have to prove jack diddly shit,,

    BUT YOU American Citizens have to prove all kinds of bullshit and have a U-Haul Truck full of Documents to prove who you really are ,,,

  9. ^^^ Clown ain't crazy, he tell da troof!

    So, now it's old news that preachers, priests, rabbis, and such, are giving safe space to God only knows who these "undocumenteds" are---hell, CRIMINALS, just say what they are already. CRIMS goes for those ordained, as well, defying lawful orders. Geez, that Moses must have meant for those stone tablets to be THE TEN SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Friend of Moses4/6/17, 9:04 AM

    3;53am--high-larious!!! And it's not even Holy Shit Week...

  11. Hey, glad to see all the old fuddy duddies on this blog in one place! Quick question geezers, what's it like to old, scared, and knowing your at the end of your lives and you have failed to matter? Is that the reason for all the hatred, bitterness, and ignorance you all espouse on the daily?

  12. 9:19, Uh huh, KCPS "skolar", we see how your "grate edjumuhkashun" matters. Spelling, much? So, ...knowing your at the end..." It's YOU'RE, not your.

    And, ..."What's it like to old, scared,..." WTF? Slow down there. Where's the BE, brainiac?

    Yep, lots of fuddy duddies are signing your paychecks, er, "disuhbilly" checks, and some geezers are supervising those lazy, coddled, crim kids' probations, so maybe they'll not be another 9:19 moron.

    Now, shuddup, Byron!!

  13. Standby for 9:19 to accuse 12:05 of being Chuck in 3...2...1...


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