Golden Ghetto Zombie Killer Earns Hard Time

An important court reporting reality check about the upswing in suburban violence from the walking dead over at the daily newspaper:

Overland Park man sentenced for killing woman he thought was a zombie

An Overland Park man was sentenced Monday to nearly 17 years in prison for strangling and beating a woman to death last year. Christopher Duane Wallace was under the influence of methamphetamine and later told police he thought 35-year-old Jennifer Lopez was a zombie when he attacked her in January 2016.


  1. Only 17 years for murder! Get more time for bank robbery! He should be hung.

  2. Well, I guess we wont have J-Lo playing mud shark with Puff Daddy anymore

  3. Technically you can't kill a zombie, since he has already died. He ought to get off scot free.

  4. There are many subcultures in the Joco. It's where the most twisted Republicans go when they want to perv out.

  5. 17 years? Did Mean Jean prosecute this? Those apartments are fucking shit holes and should be bulldozed.

  6. I go to Joco to perv out with 8:20's wife while he is in the basement bein' all important blogging and stuff. Of course since he is a libtard I have to unmask her before I leak anything.


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