Golden Ghetto Police Report 'No Foul Play' After Floater Found In Shawnee Mission Park

Aftermath report of Johnson County weekend scare and the tragic fate of a local missing person. Take a peek:

Body pulled from Shawnee Mission Lake identified as missing 35-year-old Shawnee man

SHAWNEE, Kan. -- The Johnson County Sheriff's Office says they have identified the body found at Shawnee Mission Park Saturday. The body belonged to 35-year-old Dawit Tesfaye, who had been missing since the beginning of March. Deputy Claire Canaan says they do not suspect foul play or that this was an accidental drowning.


  1. So do they think he committed suicide by drowning? I bet that is extremely rare. This story doesn't add up.

  2. 7:33, the deputy says it was not homicide or an accident, so all that's left is suicide.

  3. Floater, I thought someone had taken a poop in the lake when first read headline.


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