Golden Ghetto Hottie Mom Confronts Tragic Charges Amid Target Store Showdown

Another Jonson County crime report and good looking glamour mugshot of the day . . .

Lenexa woman charged with endangering welfare of child

LENEXA, Kan. -- A 23-year-old Lenexa woman is charged in Johnson County with endangering the welfare of a child. Stephanie Francis is scheduled to be in court at 1:30 on Monday. The charges stem from an event that police say occurred on February 20th, apparently involving an area Target store.


  1. I'd fuck her in the ass. Then cum all over her face and tits.

  2. What the hell is with the fucking lame ass media in KC? They have no problem splashing this womans name all over the place, but can not name a damn thing she did to get charged? Just another example of the local yokel press taking police PR and running with it with no questions asked. WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE DO TO ENDANGER HER KID? - you local jack off press wannabe ass holes!!!

    1. Fuck yea.. what she do..what the fuck ever happened to..WHO..WHAT..WHERE..WHEN..HOW AND WHY..

  3. @5:07

    If only you would have gotten your wish earlier, she wouldn't have found herself in this predicament in the first place !

  4. I bet Jackyl da Ripper was involved and that is why it is hush hush. Someone call ace crime crapper Bolonazo and see if this is one of them that he solved.

  5. A prime example of modern day journalism. I know almost as much after reading the article as I did before reading the article.

  6. She's not that hot.


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