Former Kansas City Columnist Whitlock Rages Against Progressive Sports Newsies

A scathing indictment of mainstream coverage claims that sports journalism advocacy is condescending . . . Even better, there's a bit of talk about his recent career misadventures. Checkit:

Fox Sports 1's Jason Whitlock Slams Sports Media for its Drive to the Left - Breitbart

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER In a new interview with Michael McCarthy of Sporting News, Whitlock pokes his finger in the eyes of presumptuous sports reporters who think they speak for African Americans, slaps around a few major sports stars, and dishes about his treatment at ESPN.


  1. I'm upset about this guy's hat.

  2. I didn't know anybody still considered Fatlocks opinion still relevant. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and Fatlock must've been born an only twin.

  3. Yeah, that benched opinionated asshole sure won friends for NFL & 49ers, NOT!

  4. Whitlock is a fat stupid lardass nigger

  5. ESPN is owned by Disney, a nest of left wing snowflakes. Sports should be apolitical, but at ESPN it is not. I have been boycotting them along with Disney's news network know as ABC.


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