Former Council Dude John Sharp Fears Contact High And Rages Against Kansas City Marijuana Law Reform Question 5

Remember that not so long ago Former Council Dude John Sharp helped lead the movement to "ban the box" for felons attempting to apply for City Hall employment . . . Nowadays it seems he is not so forgiving of weed advocates and their struggle to change local laws and bring about a new weed economy. Checkit:

John Sharp: Kansas City marijuana measure would bring unintended consequences

Passage of Question 5 will eliminate jail as a potential punishment in Municipal Court for possession or control of marijuana, lower the maximum fine for possession or control of 35 grams or less of marijuana to $25 and remove marijuana from the city's prohibition against drug paraphernalia.


  1. Let ask this--even if the perps no longer "qualify" for free legal representation, what is to keep Legal Aid from DOING IT ANYWAY?????????????

    Seems like an easy enough workaround...

  2. We give these clowns up to eight years to fuck up the city. The least they could do is slip away quietly.

  3. Tracy has her own posts which I avoid like the plague and lets be honest not many others like her either as her posts show. So I get rather pissy when I have to see her mug shot in here of late. City of Shawnee sent you the message once Tracy, does the whole metro area also need to tell you that nobody really likes you or cares what you think out in Johnson County.

  4. 9:56 I like and look forward to Tracy's posts. Go piss up your own rope girl boy. Avoid the social diseases that you and your buddy's transfer and don't worry about the plague.

  5. Then go and talk JoCo trash on her site and leave us alone 10:29

  6. Seriously folks lets put the reefer madness shit behind us and capitalize on a potential major revenue source. Peace and love all!

  7. John Sharp's a stick in the mud. He's too old to be involved but apparently has no other life.


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