Firing Off An Open Letter To Missouri Gov. Greitens: Don't Kill Discrimination Protections

An important plea from one of the best bloggers in Kansas City who continues her advocacy for the little guy . . .

Uncommon Courage: My Letter to Governor Greitens. (PLEASE OPPOSE SB43)

Highlight . . .

"I believe our upbringings were similar. I am Jewish and my mother, grandparents and great-grandmother fled Nazi Germany in 1938, days before Kristallnacht, to live in the United States. Unfortunately, many of my relatives were denied immigration status to the U.S. and perished in Auschwitz. Being lucky enough to survive religious persecution, I became a civil rights lawyer, mainly representing victims of discrimination in employment. I read that you were taught by Holocaust survivors and I imagine you understand my motivation."

Read the post in its entirety.

You decide . . .


  1. The following is a fictional response to Lynne Bratcher from Governor Greitens.
    Dear Ms. Bratcher,
    I couldn't help but notice that the third word in your opening paragraph ("writiing") is misspelled. If you sought to get my attention, you've succeeded, but not in the manner you had hoped.
    You are certainly correct that my faith is Jewish, but I represent all Missouri citizens regardless of their faith or lack thereof. I'm not sure what you mean when you claim to have survived religious persecution, unless you're much older than what I had assumed.
    In regards to your vocation, you have my condolences. On the one hand, you state -- "Our country is special because we protect those who are disadvantaged by others because of their religion, race, sex, age and disability." Simultaneously, you say that you're a plaintiff's lawyer, which implies that the legal system has failed to protect your client, and that you are forced to bring suit against the alleged perpetrator to rectify the wrong. Also, let me assure you that all attorneys believe they are "special" and even a traffic case or whiplash lawsuit would be deemed vital in the eyes of the plaintiff attorney.
    To give you some idea of the dysfunctional state of the Missouri Human Rights Commission, I had a member of my staff (before I was elected) file a written complaint under an assumed name, alleging discrimination based upon actual facts from a true case. It was a debacle from start to finish. The Jefferson City staff was largely ignorant, unhelpful, and out-of-touch. When they assigned it to the Kansas City office, it sat dormant for multiple months, phone calls were not returned, and it eventually lapsed over the 1-year mark without resolution. Finally, out of the blue, a Jefferson City staffer called to say that the case was being closed with no action taken. Total incompetence, in violation of their own operating statutes. This is Missouri dysfunctional state government, found all too often throughout our departments and agencies.
    As I stated previously, my commitment is to protect all Missouri residents, period. I will not treat you differently based upon your profession, gender, or religious faith, all things which you voluntarily disclosed in your letter, perhaps attempting to sway my opinion.
    Thank you for your letter.

  2. @6:48pm
    Great fictional response from the governor.
    Now if he would actually take the kind of serious response that the facts outlined in the letter most certainly demand, he could start cleaning up that utterly inept and dysfunctional agency.
    That would be a good start.
    Then he could get serious and clean up the unscrutinized, poorly-managed and lead, dysfunctional, and totally unaccountable farce known as the "public defenders' office".
    Incompetence, cover-up, and outright lying make a mockery of the notion of a "justice" system.
    Drain the swamp!

  3. You're tossing a lot of salad out here on the checker board.

  4. The governor will waltz and tap dance all around this issue and all that will happen is we will be able to remember that some music was playing. Don't ask a gunslinger to think. His attitude came through in his campaign ads. Ready, Fire, Aim at those still standing.


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