Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fear Newspaper Catholic Witch Hunt Amid Rampant Molestation In Kansas City Schools

An important criticism that sheds light on newspaper anti-religious bias that isn't reflected in the dearth of coverage of constant school rapes and student sex assault throughout Kansas City. Take a look:

"Decades Have Passed" But Star Stuck on "Wounded Diocese" And Mum on NKC - The Sentinel

The fact that six employees of the North Kansas City School District have been canned since 2016 for sexual misconduct with students-five of them arrested-cannot dissuade the Kansas City Star from picking scabs on the "wounded diocese" of Kansas City-St. Joseph.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church deserves every bit of ridicule and negative publicity it gets. I am Catholic born & raised, and the Church's response to this scandal should never be minimized or forgotten. I'm sure you would like it to just be swept under the rung, but there are still repercussions being felt and justice being denied.

Anonymous said...

What justice is being denied? Does the Church have all of the local, state, and federal prosecutors in their pocket? Because its the "Justice" system, that denies or grants justice, not the church.

Byron Funkhouser said...

You can't expect people who believe in fairy tales to be rational.

When is the Catholic Church going to start paying taxes on all of their wealth?

When is the separation between church & state going to be enforced?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it now. Catholics should triple tithes and tuitions, then install some FREE RIDE streetcars, build a big hotel, and install an awesome airport. Yeah, then all those pervy priest crimes will go way down, like KCMO's crime rates, huh?

p.s. Pew cushions, holy water fonts dispensers, and weekly missals could be coin operated to further proceeds for uh, er, victims' funds, yeah, that's it.

MDLQ said...

Yes, but when will god stop killing the little babies inside their mothers?....and stop with the birth defects!
Please make it stop......y'know.

Anonymous said...

12:40, riiiiight, that meany ol' gawd guy puts all those robbers' fingers on triggers, those needles in addicts' veins, those drunks' asses in moving cars, those hackers' fingers on keyboards, etc. Grinchy GOD causes EVERYTHING THAT'S NOT ALL SUGAR & SPICE, & EVERYTHING NOT NICE!!!

Abortions, miscarriages, and birth defects ENTAIL FAR MORE COMPLEX ISSUES THAN BLAMING THE BIG GUY!!!

So, if there's quick blaming GOD for whatever's BAD, then the glory is GOD's for all that's GOOD, huh?

Anonymous said...

Funky/12:24, maybe the Clintoon fam's foundation scam will pay taxes on funds that never made it to Haiti, and some of their very heavy "administrative" costs will be properly stated as profits/incomes and taxed accordingly. Plus, Canadian trustees of the "charitable foundation" set up a "pay to play" confidentiality of donor identities. Now, c'mon, obviously that special "privacy" feature has the taint of probable TAX DODGE, and possible TERROR FUNDERS.

Anonymous said...

I believe nun of this