Dr. H2O Could Sink Kansas City For $500K+

Once again the City Legal department confronts another devastating claim that threatens to put the finances of Kansas City underwater again . . . OR . . . Thank KC voters for GO Bond life preserver. Take a look:

Kansas City examines settlement with worker known as Dr. H2O

Kansas City examines settlement with worker known as Dr. H2O City Council will consider next week recommendation Wilbur Dunnell be paid $557,567 Kansas City legal advisers are recommending a settlement with a longtime water employee known as Dr. H2O for his educational videos and visits to schools to teach children about water quality.


  1. Waiting for Kraske to praise Slie and Killa City Administration for continuing lawsuits.

  2. Pretend he's the police chief and pay him.

  3. The city gives away $500,000 + discrimination settlements like dentists give away toothbrushes. Maybe among city workers it's by now considered like a separation benefit. If the city/county attorneys can't defend these cases in court, they should pass off the defense to lawyers who can.

  4. Wonder if the City will classify the settlement as "Infrastructure." That'll be the wave of the future...seeing how far the definition can be stretched.


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