Dead Tree Media Vs. Platte County Prosecutor

Newspaper hit piece or valid public concern . . . Given that so many local crooks go free in KCMO . . . We leave it to readers to decide:

Platte County prosecutor intimidated and threatened witnesses, defense attorney argues

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd is defending himself against allegations that he and his office intimidated and threatened supporters of a Dearborn man who in 2015 admitted to repeatedly sexually abusing a child for at least a decade. Defense attorney John P.


  1. Eric Zahnd will do ANYTHING to win a conviction. Don't fuck around in Platte County, they don't play fair.
    His time will come.

  2. So the solution to a prosecutor who "threatens" to make your name public is to make your name public. The fucking state is becoming genius central!

  3. Prosecutor Zahnd does a wonderful job protecting Platte County and we appreciate him and his staff.


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