Dead Tree Kansas City Star Celebrates Crappy Advertising Buy Attack From Cable Company

File this one under legacy media solidarity . . . The Star celebrates a new advertiser and gives them glowing coverage while the rest of Kansas City enjoys GIGABIT SPEED via the much better Google Fiber. Take a look:

Digital Life: In KC cable wars, Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) fires at Google Fiber

Time Warner Cable is dead. Long live Time Warner, er, Spectrum. Where not long ago Google Fiber was the new cool kid in Kansas City, bringing to town a high-tech cachet and the promise of broadband to burn, now it's the focus of ridicule in a Spectrum ad campaign.


  1. We like Google. It has been more reliable than Time-Warner (now known as Spectrum). We were told that getting hooked up depended on the number of people in our Fiberhood who also signed up. Fortunately, plenty of people saw the chance to shake off TW and get some decent service. It's all about the numbers.

  2. It just isn't feasible for Google to keep their word. Especially when they are in other cities initiating gigabit wireless Internet. The good news is your house values went up by 500 dollars (according to the tax appraiser). That $5000 bullshit was just now noticed and is a huge typo. Too Bad!


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