Craig Glazer Considers Tony Romo Retirement Amid Ongoing Kansas City Chiefs QB Crisis!!!

Important football insight impacting the home team from our pal Craig.


Craig Glazer: Tony Romo Decides To Leave The NFL For The 'Booth'

Chiefs fans no longer have to wonder if Tony Romo will ever be a Chief. Tony has decided to call it quits! Broadcasting will pay him a few million a year plus endorsements dough. Hey its safer and maybe for Tony, more fun. While many teams would have signed the 37 year old quarterback, and his pay would have been higher, it just felt like enough was enough. Are you listening 'Big Ben'.

Many teams were interested in Romo, but his lack of playing time the last several years and constant injuries were a big issue. Of course being in his late 30's was maybe the biggest problem. While the Chiefs were saying NO, there is little doubt there was interest here as well, for the right price and deal. KC makes no secret of the fact that Alex Smith is near the end with KC. Most feel he has gone as far as he can go, a playoff quarterback that can't win in the post season.

The AFC seems to be the weaker league today. New England is everyone's pick to repeat and go to another super bowl. Tom Brady is still young at 40. To be fair, it was more likely Tony would have gone to Houston or Denver than KC. Now he's just not going to play.

Hey Tony has tons of money saved up from his many years with the Cowboys and it sure is safer and easier to be on the tube than on the field at his age with his issues, so you can't blame the guy.

As for the Chiefs, no killer off season signings, looking like KC will depend on the draft to improve the teams problem areas: running back, linebacker, back up quarterback and of course more pass defense, perhaps another wide receiver as well. With Smith at quarterback, a tough schedule ahead, Oakland getting back their starting quarterback, on and on, could be a rough year for our Chiefs.

Now about drafting a quarterback in the first round?


  1. Romo at half speed would have been better than Alex Smith.

    Another missed opportunity for KC.

  2. Romo = Overrated.

  3. Kansas City Chiefs don't need a new quarterback. We've tried that over and over again. We need a new owner.

    And then a new stadium downtown.

  4. Kansas City needs someone besides Glazer trying to write sports stories that he fails at miserably like he does everything else.

  5. Smith is a fine QB but he never had a decent O-Line to back him up. That has always been the problem with the Chiefs. Too much bargain hunting with mo mind toward putting together a good team overall.

  6. "KC will depend on the draft"

    Don't count on it. The Chiefs are one of the worst drafting tears in the league. We haven't made a good choice since Neil Smith in the 90s.

  7. The kid from Texas tech university looking like a pro , Mahomes is hi name , has a rocket arm , very mobile , is pro ready , would be great with the coaching from Big Red !¡

  8. 7:31 you can suck my dick hater.

  9. I just always knew Thunder is gay and that post proves so.

  10. 7:40, agreed that they have been hit and miss in the early rounds, but so have most other teams. Hits include LB Johnson, S Berry and NT Poe. Misses include LB Ford and, probably, OL Fisher. Drafting rookies is no more a cinch than drafting your fantasy football team.

  11. ^^^ Bob nails it.

    Drafting is a tough business. What I'd like to see from the Chiefs is an effort to cultivate the talent we've already got.

    And we should have never let Chase Daniel go. He as the real future of the team.

  12. Romo replacing Phil Sims?

    That gives me another reason to turn down the idiot box when I'm watching the game.

  13. Simms is an awesome broadcast dude , hoping that he gets top billing at a nother network ! Romo is a homo , will suck again as an announcer ¡?


  15. Give Big Red a rookie , one year of tutorial game time planning , and we'll have a great QB , Maybe the kid from Clemson university , or the other kid's from Notre Dame or Texas tech university . Peace out hole bitches¡!¡


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