Celebrate More Mission Gateway Doodles!!!

Thanks to our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY for finding even more "renderings" of a plan that not only reminds us that there are clueless developers and politicos throughout the metro but offers a bit of inspiration for daydreaming without having to listen to pipe-dreams or excuses from officials. Take a peek:

The Gateway, Mission, KS | Cameron Group LLC

Cameron properties have a heavy concentration in retail, along with mixed use projects that include hotel, office, medical and residential. Since inception in 2001 the company has developed, acquired, and redeveloped in excess of 5,000,000 SF of various project types. Cameron has the flexibility to develop and grow its current portfolio across the United States.


  1. A good project would work here and succeed, imho.

    The obstacle has to be how outsiders look at the demographics and don't appreciate how the location used to be and could again be a destination for an awesome demographics mix from nearby neighborhoods.

  2. $1.00 says it never gets completed.

  3. $1.00 says that it never gets STARTED.

  4. $1.00 says the developer quits halfway through.

  5. Call me old fashioned, but I still miss the Mission Mall's heyday. Such a convenient place to shop. The Dillard's there was great.


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