Celebrate Another Kansas City Season Of Potholes And Broken Promises

Now voters are ready to earn a reality check valued at nearly a billion dollars. Take a look at high expectations for a town that has trouble with basic math:

Kansas City, Missouri, Ready To 'Hit The Ground Running' On New Animal Shelter, Road Repairs

Kansas City residents handed city officials a big victory Tuesday night when they approved an $800 million bond package and property tax increase to address the city's infrastructure needs. City officials are eager to get to work. City Manager Troy Schulte says his team has already been developing a first-year implementation plan for the first tranche, or portion, of the money.


  1. In five years everyone will be screaming we need a bigger shelter.

  2. As the stupid money goes in, the smart money heads for the exits.

  3. "Hit the ground running".
    Ready, fire, aim!
    More TV face-time, selfies, and D-list celebrity politicos.
    And all at the taxpayers' expense.
    What are you going to run for next?

  4. Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! The city gives you Sprint Center, 18th & Vine, Power & Light, Science City and Zona Rosa and you people want your city government to stoop to fixing roads and shit?

  5. HA HA HA I love it! All you repubtards crying. Nice work KC. I am glad I voted for this, and if you live in KC, I'm really glad your going to pay for it too. If you don't live in KC, then why are you on this blog?


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