Celebrate All The Kansas City Bad News

Check this depressing collection of Kansas City stories that offer just a bit of insight into worsening local life, culture and politics despite so much MSM happy talk. Remember, if it doesn't make readers angry, sad or afraid . . . Then it's not news.

Take a peek:

Naming Another Kansas City Corpse

KC police ID 2nd body found by missing Jessica Runions' relatives in late January

A second of two bodies found in late January while searchers were looking for a missing Raymore woman in the south Kansas City woods has been identified as a 19-year-old Merriam man, police said Friday. Family members of Dante Jamal Jefferson, of Merriam, reported him missing in January and told police they hadn't seen him since Dec.

KCK Old School Homicide Reprieve

Judge dismisses case against woman in 1989 murder

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A judge dismissed the case against Carolyn Heckert in the 1989 murder of Sarah DeLeon. Heckert had been charged in October 2016 with first-degree murder in DeLeon's death. The judge said Friday there is reasonable suspicion, but there isn't enough probable cause, according to a Dateline news producer.

Kansas Politicos Skip Town

Kansas Legislators Adjourn But Leave Lengthy To-Do List

Kansas legislators hit adjournment Friday with some big tasks left for their wrap-up session that starts May 1. At the top of the list is a tax and budget plan, which largely will be influenced by the amount of school funding that legislators decide to add in light of the Kansas Supreme Court's ruling last month.

Show-Me Another Fed Investigation

Conflicts of interest between Missouri officials, trucking company will be probed by auditor

JEFFERSON CITY * Missouri's auditor will review the state's involvement with a Missouri transportation company, after a Post-Dispatch report revealed the FBI is investigating state employees who sit on the private company's board of directors while also regulating the industry.

Cowtown Investment Pipe Dreams

KC hopes to bring banking into distressed neighborhoods, but will banks play along?

The city knows it's taking some risk as it asks banks for bids on handling the city's banking business while it hopes to also compel more investment in poorer neighborhoods. Mystery waits as the city will learn if the biggest lenders are willing to display socially responsible investment in aid of economically distressed neighborhoods.

Horrific Charges From The Stix

Nineteen-year-old Smithville man accused of molesting 5-month-old boy

SMITHVILLE, Mo. -- Clay County prosecutors charged a 19-year-old man from Smithville with one count of statutory sodomy for allegedly molesting a 5-month-old boy. Brent R. Porter is accused of sexually assaulting the victim on Wednesday.

Old School Stadium Liability

Years-old fall at Kemper Arena leads to new lawsuit - Kansas City Business Journal

While Kansas City officials are working with a developer to redo Kemper Arena, its arena manager, Anschutz Entertainment Group, is busy cleaning up some legal matters at the venue. Diann Brown of Kansas City filed suit after being injured at Kemper Arena in 2008.

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