Cass County Corpse Search Continues...

After identifying the remains of Jessica Runions . . . The search continues for more clues and answers . . .

Law enforcement resumes search for additional human remains in Cass County

CASS COUNTY, Mo. -- The search for more human remains resumed early Thursday in an area where law enforcement has already found two human skulls. More than 100 investigators from several agencies will be on the scene near East 233rd and State Route Y, South of Belton looking for clues to help identify the second set of remains.


  1. Both those cases were a remarkable display of the utter lack of capability in the Belton police department. To be fair, they have other things going on as well, but two high-profile disappearances, with evidence pointing to murder, needed to be addressed with something more than "ehh, we'll get to it if we can" attitude. I hope the State can manage to fry yust sooner rather than later.

  2. Yea 10:16, I'm sure you're absolutely tuned in with every detail concerning their investigative processes and use of internal and external resources. You sound like an expert. Maybe you should offer your services or shut the fuck up. How 'bout dat?

  3. Uhhh or you could shut the fuck up. Sounds like you don't know what the fuck YOU'RE talking about. The Belton police are definitely to blame for this to take ten years. It's not even a question. The investigation was botched. Kylr should have been arrested for Karas murder Right after she went missing. If they did their job, Jessica would still be alive.


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