Saturday, April 08, 2017

Carolyn Heckert Walks Free After Kansas City, Kansas Sarah DeLeon Murder Charge Dropped

Check more follow-up on this old school lady murder case and the recent outcome . . . Here's the definitive note:

As reporters hammered her with questions, Heckert held on tight to a man as she walked to freedom. The 48-year-old Smithville woman spent the past six months behind bars, charged with stabbing DeLeon to death. About five months before Heckert was arrested, police announced they identified a suspect in DeLeon's murder, thanks to new DNA technology. But sources say Friday, in a preliminary hearing, prosecutors failed to present enough evidence against Heckert and charges were subsequently dropped.

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Murder charges dropped against woman in decades-old case

A judge dropped murder charges against Carolyn Heckert during a preliminary hearing in a decades-old murder case.

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