Blogging The Day After Kansas Republican Party Congressional Close Call

Best analysis we've seen so far from this expert local blogger and JoCo political denizen . . . Take a peek:

Top 4 points on the KS 04 - the day after

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while. Sorry I haven't been writing more. What I've been lacking in blogging, I've been making up for in tweeting! There have been numerous articles analyzing the KS04 election. I had to chime in here with my top four takeaways from this special election.


  1. Another snowflake loss that will tie up shrinks for an eternity, I'm sure!

  2. Steve Glorioso4/13/17, 5:25 PM

    53% is practically a many races.

  3. Where has Odummy been while his hometown bros have killing each other at a one a day pace. What waste of big ears he has and always will be.


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