And Now, A Message From Near The Office Of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback ...

Quick, heartfelt message from somewhere deep inside the Sunflower State regarding our upcoming KCMO election . . .

From: Somewhere Close To The Office of Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas

Subject: Kansas City, Missouri General Obligation Bonds

April 1,2017


Kansas City, Missouri has an important election on next Tuesday. Kansas is always grateful to Kansas City for building stadiums, arenas and entertainment districts so Kansas citizens do not have build and pay for these amenities.

I have learned much from the tax policies of the Kansas City Democratic Party leaders like the importance of sales taxes and placing the burden on working people. Kansas City Democratic Party leaders have always pioneered tax policy with the earnings tax -- A flat tax only on wages on working people. 

In this upcoming April 4th election, the Kansas City Democratic Party brain trust once again demonstrates outstanding leadership on a proposed 40 year property tax increase placing most of the burden on single family homes and small business. It is important that companies like Cerner, Freightquote, Burns & McDonnell, J.E. Dunn, H&R Block, Cordish and the Kansas City Star are not burdened with this expense because they employee thousands of hardworking Kansans. 

Previously the CEO of Burns & McDonnell gave a donation of over $2 million to the University Of Kansas that most likely wouldn't have been possible without the generous subsidies KCMO has bestowed upon this engineering giant.

Kansas wants to urge the voters of Kansas City, Missouri to vote YES on the GO Bonds questions 1-2-3 keep the momentum for Kansas going.


Developing . . .


  1. The tax policies of Kansas and KCMo are remarkably similar. A real newspaper would report as much.

  2. heck yes. Profit and have zero risk. Can I get in??????

  3. Never fear the unemployed entitlement moochers will pas the initiatives with flying colors white the peckerwoods sit on their asses, suck the bottom out of a couple of beer cans and ask what happened the day after the bros vote.

  4. Right on target! Burns & Mac doesn't pay property taxes on their headquarters! They get paid $billions on KCMO's bloated sewer project, and the all live in JoCo!!!!

  5. Sly is a secret Brownbacker!

  6. Bwa-ha-ha! Suckers!


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