All The Kansas City Tragedy Links

Important news here but most of it is a bummer, scary or depressing. Enjoy!!!

Kylr Victim Kinship???

Mothers of Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions form friendship during search for daughters

Their bond was born of solidified by love and support

Celebrate GO Bond Payout

Kansas City contemplating another half-million-dollar lawsuit settlement

The Kansas City Law Department has recommended that the City Council settle a discrimination lawsuit with a longtime Water Services employee for $557,567. The council will consider the settlement next week. It would resolve a case filed in 2015 by Wilbur Dunnell, a chemist and longtime supervisor with the Water Services lab division.

Nasty Allegations In Nice Suburb

Leawood man charged with child exploitation, allegedly had sexual picture of child

OLATHE, Kan. -- A Leawood man has been charged in Johnson County, Kan., with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child by possession of a photo or video of a child under 18-years-old engaging in sexually explicit conduct. According to the court documents, the alleged crimes occurred in 2014 and 2015.

Kansas City Tech Contemplation

Jeff Shackelford: Why would KC want to build the next Silicon Valley?

Editor's note: The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author's alone. I recently read an article that shows you can slant a story anyway you want and that many authors write to match their preconceived notions - whether it's true or not. The article that got me thinking about this was from Bloomberg's Sarah McBride.

Wrist Slap Then Back To School

Teen is sentenced for sex assaults at Shawnee Mission East High School

A teenager charged last year with sexually assaulting two girls at Shawnee Mission East High School was sentenced to probation Thursday. The 15-year-old Leawood boy pleaded guilty last December in the juvenile division of Johnson County District Court to two felony counts of aggravated battery.

Kansas City Granny Gets Some

Kansas City Writer's One-Act Play Is A Reminder: Older People Have Sex Lives, Too

Playwright Alice Carroll of Overland Park recently dropped off donations at a thrift store. A man in her age bracket got her attention. He said he was collecting old toys to fix and give away. "Then he looked at me and he said, 'Tell me: How are you enjoying your old age?'

Curtain Call For Funny Man

Don Rickles, Equal Opportunity Offender of Comedy, Dies at 90

Recalling the first time he saw Mr. Rickles perform, Mr. Poitier said: "He was explosive. He was impactful. He was funny. I mean, outrageously funny." Mr. Rickles got his first break, the story goes, when Sinatra and some of his friends came to see him perform in 1957 - in Hollywood, according to most sources, although Mr. Rickles himself said it was in Miami.

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