Will Kansas Politicos Prevent Another Amusement Park Decapitation?!?!

While critics claim that this legislation won't help make locals safer, it still stands head and shoulders above the idea that doing nothing is acceptable following one of the most horrific tragedies in Kansas History. Take a look:

Kansas lawmakers accelerate work on new amusement park rules

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas legislators are accelerating work on stricter regulations for amusement park rides following the death last summer of a lawmaker's 10-year-old son on a giant waterslide. The House Federal and State Affairs Committee approved a bill Wednesday that would require owners of permanent amusement rides to have them inspected annually by a professional engineer.


  1. Nice to see that Kansas lawmakers actually give a fuck but only when one of their own is affected.

  2. State Re. Scott Schwab's son was decapitated--because the Unified Government hacks, the "Gang of Five" Design Review Committee invented a scientifically dangerous hoop and net system to protect the raft--using human bodies as the deflectors--from going airborne.

    The hoops were not used elsewhere across the country. They were the instrument of death. The head remained trapped in the net for hours. The family and the crowd were moved far away and could not see it.

    Inspecting the raft annually will not and would not have prevented this decapitation. The design was flawed, and nobody, including the greedy Green family, owners of Schlitterbahn, had the balls or the courage to challenge the Unified Government for demanding this be installed. The Grees were too starstruck and media-obsessed wanting to get the ride open in time to be the lead story on a cable TV show. Naming their ride "Verruckt", which is German for insane, tells you all you need to know.

    This move by the Kansas legislature, a show of support for their colleague, is like the man looking for his lost quarter under the street light when he lost his money yards away in the dark. Futile empty gesture.

    Where is the legislation to curb abuses and reckless design mandated by untrained, unlicensed non-engineers for cities and counties? The inspectors named in this bandaid legislation will not be licensed engineers either!!!

    Also, there WERE guidelines for loading the rafts, that dictated placing the fat people in front. Who cares if a kid wants to see? Follow the laws of physics. But nobody is reporting on that. Those rules were ignored. Had the two fat ladies been in front, the raft would never have gone airborne into the hoop and net guillotine.

    Finally, June 30 is the deadline for the Ks. Legislature to submit a plan for educating our kids K-12. Why aren't they working on meeting that Ks. Supreme Court Mandate??? Personally, I think we should change the state constitution and get the state OUT of education--funding and regulations. Let locals decide. So get busy amending the constitution.

    Not one lawyer in the Ks. Legislature. Ordinarily one might find that alarming. This season? Maybe would be a "good idee."

  3. Vladamire Putin3/29/17, 3:14 PM

    The only logical solution is to eliminate kids before they are allowed into an amusement area.

  4. The JoCo post hit the nail on the head. It was all about the ego-booster for the owners of the park. Getting their attraction listed as the highest in the land. Poor kid and those poor women who rode with him. Can't imagine the horror.

  5. Spot-on,Tracy..

    I see stupid dave hasn't opened his broken flapper,yet

  6. Shut up byron

  7. JOCOPost you're right on the money regarding the UG hacks. Boy wonders with too much bond money to blow. $800 million as I recall. Sounds like a familiar figure KCMO TKC readers? Must be a magic amount. Also recall the too numerous to count TV news hacks enjoying their free rides which sums up their relationship with the UG.


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