What If Missouri GOP Hegemony Fails???

Like it or not . . . In terms of jobs, ethics reform and education . . . There's nobody else to blame for the politics of Missouri other than the Republicans. This report does a nice, objective, job of pointing that out without all of the typical partisan blathering. Checkit:

Is the Missouri Senate on the Verge of an Historic Legislative Failure?

For Missouri, 2016's state elections were doubly-significant. Not only did Missourians return supermajorities of Republicans to both the state House and state Senate; they also installed a Republican governor -- taking away the last true impediment to significant legislative reform for conservative policymakers.


  1. The only thing they need to work on is making sure Mizzou gets most of the higher education money and I get the big fat pay raise I deserve.


  2. If they really want to do some good close MU and force the boons to get a job. Fat chance of that happening here in hand out nation.


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