The season of crime is upon us in Kansas City and there isn't really a plan to curb the increase chaos.

However, when we think about the problem of crime in terms of the so-called "prison industrial complex" there's a bit of number crunching which suggests that alternative approaches to the current pay for play incarceration system might yield improvement.

Take a look:

Show-Me: Criminal Justice Reform: Addressing the Costs of Incarceration


"Missouri has a criminal justice problem. While the spike in homicides in Kansas City captures a lot of attention, as it should, it isn’t our only challenge. Rates of property crime and violent crime in Missouri are higher than the national average, and our state has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country. Research suggests that Missouri can adopt policies that will reduce recidivism and prison costs ... Research has shown that there are diminishing returns to harsh sentences—they don’t always result in a reduction in crime. States have been reexamining their sentencing laws, and the results are promising. Early research from around the country suggests that some criminal justice reforms, such as those that address mandatory minimum sentencing, can reduce crime rates and save states money."

What's interesting here is that Show-Me is comprised of tough fiscal hawks who aren't the social justice warriors who typically advocate for this stuff and therefore the alternative opinion deserves a bit more attention.

You decide . . .


  1. TKC, just another example for you. KC has seen a lot of success by establishing a new drug court that sentences people to treatment. While we can't see dropping crime yet, what we do notice is that people aren't returning to jail and the revolving door is getting better for NON-VIOLENT offenders. I think when people aren't charged with hurting others, there's a chance to keep them out of jail and costing taxpayers over and over.

    1. Show-Me Weed3/22/17, 6:12 PM

      This is why I'm voting for question 5. To reform marijuana laws and decriminalize offenses. Police have more important things to do than chase around potheads and keep them from contributing to the local economy by purchasing snacks.

    2. ^^^ In other words, it's time to end the drug war. It didn't work and was just an excuse to lock up people and pay prison companies.

  2. And Platte County has a low crime rate and minimal violence because of strong prosecution and sentencing. Zahnd and the judges carry a big stick that those who live in Jackson County don't mess with. As a result, cities and communities are safer.

  3. Exactly. If u do not like the plaza flash mobs, stop private prisons for profit from sticking parents in jail as a run-the-mill extravaganza. How about auto-expungement2, throw a dog a bone, help 'paid their debt to society' actually have a termination point.


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