Tonight, friend of the blog and many mainstream media outlets as well, Super Dave shares his insight and perspective into all of the recent news concerning the most high-profile death mystery in recent Kansas City history . . .

Super Dave Update On Toni Anderson Story

Today was the 60th day of the mysterious disappearance of Toni Anderson. At approximately 55 days after her disappearance a car was pulled from the Missouri River that was registered to Toni Anderson and contained a female body inside it.

While many were more than positive it was Toni herself, I wasn’t buying into that at this point yet. Could as easily been another female wearing Toni’s clothes she was last seen in. Wouldn’t be the first time deceiving tricks have been done with the body to throw investigators off. But positive identification has now been made and we all know whose body was found in the car.

But what is still unknown at this time is just what happened. So far I’ve seen about as many theories as to what happened to Toni Anderson as to who shot Kennedy. And just as easily we may never ever know what happened. It’s not 100% known when the car went into the water. There is no positive proof the car went in the water the morning of the 15th of January any more than there is proof the car went in the water seven days later.

Depending on how the two vehicles located together were spaced and sitting in what positions might provide some clues to what and when. Right now the identity and circumstances of the SUV have not been made public. There have been rumors that Toni wasn’t a good driver, I know many people that fit that description but they don’t possibly drive off the end of boat ramps in the wee hours of the morning. This was a young woman sitting in a car supposedly on the morning when the outside temperature was around 30 degrees. Most women I know won’t sit in a car if it’s 50 degrees outside with the window down.

What role the seatbelt not being on plays will maybe not be known? Maybe she was the anti-seatbelt wearing type person who didn’t do such. It would be interesting to know if the officer that had pulled her over earlier had noticed whether or not she had a seat-belt on. Talking to her friends, find out if she was a person that wore her belt all the time or not. If she did wear her seatbelt all the time wasn’t known to drive around with the window down or hung around down by the river in the wee hours of the morning I would find those three things of a very suspicious nature. Then again she may have rolled the window down, unhooked her seatbelt wanting to get out of the car and the force of water entering made that impossible. A toxicology report might be limited and not be able to show much after her being that long in the water. So far there has not been any proof she didn’t maybe take something after seeing the police officer. But to be honest that one bothers me because if she has just been pulled over and it freaked her some, I would thing getting high or something related is rather moot while still in her car.

It does appear that possibly she may have been sneaking around for some reason and for what reason we may never know. Maybe she had some boyfriend action on the side that nobody really knew about yet that was why she was at that location and it could be something as simple as meeting up with a girlfriend who hasn’t come forward yet that was looking to escape an abusive boyfriend or such. Any way you look at it I think she was attempting to do something that she didn’t want everybody to know about which as long as it’s not against the law isn’t against the law. But I cannot buy into the theory that she just absentmindedly drove to this location and off into the water. Too many different things don’t make any sense and could not have happened unless Toni Anderson herself was the biggest idiot to ever hit Kansas City. I’m not going to sit here and pick apart each and every one of those things, because I don’t have the time and I don’t want to turn this into a four-part story. But working at a gentlemen’s club does not make you any less of a person or someone who is entitled to be a victim of a crime.

The part that I have to laugh at, grunt, giggle or whatever is the part about the bruise on her leg from the GPS in the car. Whoever made that statement is for sure the biggest idiot in Kansas City in my thoughts. After approximately 55 days in 30 degree or thereabout water a fair amount of decomposing of the body would have taken place. One of those things is after just a couple of weeks in the water at cool temperatures the fatty tissues of the body start coming out of the body in a waxy type way of appearance that is also known as grave wax. The skin of the body would have also started breaking away from the tissue under the skin due to the long-term exposure of the water. The only reason the body was in the shape it was in was due to the cool temperature of the water. Any underwater animal life would have been minimal compared to if it had been say July. Turtles, catfish, carp and gar were all in semi winter hibernation due to water temperatures so their activity was very minimal. Everybody’s body contains bacteria that upon death starts eating the body from within but exposed to cool temperatures this process is greatly inhibited requiring months to take place over what might happen in three weeks in warm temperatures. So for any non-forensic pathologist to make a comment about a bruise was not only inappropriate, but as far as I’m concerned leads to a dismissible action against such person. Furthermore I seriously doubt there is a forensic pathologist located in Kansas City that is an expert on dealing with bodies pulled from the river after being submerged for over 50 days. But I could be wrong. But so far all the report has said is that they have identified her as being Toni Anderson but they did not make a statement regarding cause of death.

So far nobody has decided who has jurisdiction over this case. It appears that we may have 2 to 3 different cities involved in this case but nobody's really sure what happened where. Are the two tweets about being pulled over that Toni supposedly made of a significant nature or was it just the fact she repeated an earlier tweet for getting pulled over? We don’t know that nor have we been allowed to see the official phone records. Nor the records from the phones these tweets went out to. There’s a lot of evidence that should’ve been taking into evidence I hope and a lot of statements that should have been taken and checked. At this point in time due to the fact that we have multiple jurisdictions taken place here it almost leads me to believe what should have been done might not have been done. Trust me; no police department wants to get involved in a murder investigation. So are all the police departments just sitting around waiting to see what and how might have taken place before anybody would put any effort into doing anything? I really don’t know the answer to that question but I think it’s a question that really needs to be answered. The only other reason that I can think the Kansas City Police Department is taken an active role in this is because they have reason to believe she was murdered in Kansas City and taken to Parkville to be dumped. There again I’m only guessing as to what might be happening. But you know sometimes it’s all the second-guessing that takes place that in the end provides the thoughts, which seek the clues, that finds the answers. But then again we may never know the answers. The only answer I feel comfortable with is the one where I feel reasonably comfortable Toni didn’t just drive off the end of a boat ramp at some point in time.


  1. Nice work Dave. Comprehensive and fact based!

    It's refreshing to see that some people are waiting for the facts of the investigation to come out before they start speculating.

    1. What a load of crap Stupor Dave! Incomprehensible and devoid of facts!

      It's unbelievable a grown man would even have such thoughts, let alone share them with the world.

  2. The only reason KC has involvement is because that's where the missing person report was filed. If it had been filed in Independence or Liberty they likely would have been the investigating agency. Given that she was last seen in North Kansas City, drove through Riverside, and ended up being located in Parkville this gets complex especially since it's three different counties as well. Theories aside, she left QT and made a conscious decision to drive north on 9 Highway and in the completely opposite direction of her apartment and supposed destination meeting friends. That being said, who she was meeting or what she was doing is the key question that may never be known. She drove nearly 10-15 minutes northwest of the QT and would have had ample time to turn around or navigate her phone directions before ending up where she did. That leads one to believe that she purposely went to the park. As for what happened there we may never know. Accident or homicide.

  3. Weez need to git Sherlock Holmes on diz caze!

  4. Dozed off at the wheel. Trying to take a selfie while driving.

    It's one or the other.

  5. Probably looking at her phone trying to get directions and drove right into the river. I see people drive down the street looking for a house staring at their phones when the house number is in clear view and they still don't get it.

    She's a victim of digital addiction.

  6. Super Dave rocks again with the story. KC Star need to hire his dude.

  7. Translated = I don't have any better fucking clue what happened than the shitload of other people who come in here speculating.

    BTW: The body was officially identified by the coroner this afternoon.


    Around 4 a.m. Toni left Chrome Approximately 4:20 a.m. an officer with the North Kansas City Police Department pulled Toni over on the 15th Sunday morning.
    Approximately 4:33 a.m. family bank records show Toni had a declined transaction at the QuikTrip along 9 Highway
    4:42 a.m. Toni sent a text to a friend that said, “I just got pulled over again.”

    From 4:33 AM to 4:42AM that is 9 (NINE) minutes to drive from QT to the parkville area.
    I drove this route in 8 (eight) minutes with heavy traffic and stop lights.
    The last cell ping was in the parkville area, around the park area where her car was found. What if she did get pulled over again by a PARKVILLE LE.
    So, according to some (NKCPD) she left QT at @ 4:40 AM. This puts her right at or past the 9 HWY and the 169 split. (right where I had my intuition thought of her)
    Now her missing flyer says she was missing on the 16th @ 3am. This would make it MONDAY morning. Toni’s cell phone was last pinged in the Parkville Park area. Some say as late as monday at @ 930AM Jan.16th.


    13:48 Leaving QT area NKC
    13:56 just entering Parkville area (going past the Fire Dept.
    13:58 driving past the Farmers Market (toward park)
    13: 59 In park by river.

    Question 1. Was her phone recovered at the scene, in her vehicle?
    Question 2. Are the time frames right for the events?
    Question 3. If her phone was thrown out and finally went dead, where is it? (side of the road)
    Question 4. If the timeline is off, who is not telling the truth?
    Question 5. If Toni was getting pulled over again, by what Department, NKC or Parkville PD, or imposter?
    Question 6. Why was her seatbelt off and window down, in cold weather?
    Question 7 Did the camera’s @ the parkville Firehouse catch her or other cars going to the park?
    Question 8. If KCPD missed the car/SUV during their search, could they have been placed there after the search?
    Question 9. If Toni’s car was “so covered” with sand and debris, and the SUV was their longer, was it too covered, or why was it NOT covered and gone?

  9. It was a driving accident.

    Happens everyday in this hog town.

  10. She drove off the road not the boat ramp idiots.

  11. 8:55 Dave make some very good points and many more than you know. And we as was pointed out in the story also all now know she has been identified since around noon today.

    BTW, You're stupid 8:55

  12. I think it's Jack the Ripper. Top hat and cape. Keep your eyes peeled for the bastard and call the cops when you see him.

  13. Sure she just ran off the road missed all the trees and landed in the water. Do you idiots even stop to think how stupid that sounds?

  14. Why don't some of you KCPD guys who are always trolling Forte leak some info..leaks are all the rage these days.

  15. There was this one case where some dumb broad was driving down the street staring at her phone and ran right into the back of a trash truck which tore the whole upper half of the car off and her upper torso with it.

    Dumb, very dumb.

  16. Wow, 1,390 words.

    You're going to look pretty stupid when the police boil it down to seven.

    "She drove into the river and drowned."

    No wait. I take that back.

    You look fucking stupid right now. Immensely stupid. Thinking you're Sherlock Fucking Holmes is one thing. Speculating about her personal life is beyond reproach for someone you don't even know. Larson, a grown man doesn't bother with such things.

    So yeah you ought to work for The Star but they don't need any country club towel boys right now.

  17. Looks like the TCK mystery crime task force will have this case completely wrapped up by New Years 3082. Especially using high tech crime tools like wild imaginations and stuff.

  18. There again I’m only guessing as to what might be happening.


    Keep it up, man, we're all laughing our asses off here. This is like the best yet....'cause it's so - as previously stated - FUCKING DUMB.

  19. FOP gotta cover up another KCPD Rape Ring.

  20. Maybe you should ask what happened to the Parkville cop after he stopped Toni? Can he account for his whereabouts after he stopped her?

  21. She wasn't there to watch the sunrise.

  22. An interesting hypothesis, Dave. Just because Toni disappeared Jan. 15 and her phone went silent does not mean that is when she ended up in the river. If she was abducted then she may have been dumped in the river at a later date.

  23. 10:29 and here you are every night sucking down every word that is said like your boyfriend does when you cum in his mouth.
    Maybe some day you'll get over your jealousy of others.

  24. The douchebag homosexual agenda truth will come out only if leaking from the liberals Boyz from KCPD or the coroner's office , will take true investigation to know what the truth really is. Maybe we will never know ?¿?¿

  25. 9:01 If 8:55 is stupid you are smart as a screw worm.

  26. Frederick Q. Phelps3/16/17, 7:16 AM

    It just has to be devine intervention. God the ripper!

  27. Getting onto the boat ramp requires a 120 degree hairpin left-hand turn from the roadway. That cannot be done by accident or at high speed.

    Toni's car floated 200 yards downstream from the boat ramp before sinking to the bottom and Toni made no attempt to escape the car. That is because she was not conscious. She was already dead or disabled.

    Toni was murdered and this was a body dump. Accident my ass.

  28. Super Dave, I wonder if it is the KCPD or the Metro Squad running point? If KC probably because of the more expansive resources.

    The folks yakking about it have their conclusions made from day 1. Like the KC Star they will make the details fit their own.

    Having a family member disappear and be found dead, getting to read about it daily on the front page (1958)is something no family should have to endure. I have and my heart aches for the family now.


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