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"On the one hand, we definitely need flood control in certain parts of Kansas City. On the other, we already pay SO. MANY. TAXES. We Kansas Citians pay a real estate property tax, automobile property tax, 1% earnings tax in KCMO, nearly 10% sales tax on all of our local purchases (not to mention state and federal taxes)… Plus, an average monthly water bill of about $110 which includes a small stormwater fee. Sheesh. I know it is a modest increase (it works out to be about $100/year for 20 years), but gosh, I feel like I’m already paying the city plenty in tax money and it seems like a new tax is added every year. "

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by Sarah Snodgrass · March 17th, 2017 · Filed Under Architecture + Design, Local Kansas City · No Comments These new Magnolia rugs by Joanna Gaines from HGTV offer many colors, styles, and textures.


  1. $100.00 a year for 20 years. Do you think the Water Dept. and property taxes and state taxes and++++++ all the other taxes will stay at this level? This 800,000,000.00 million will be gone in less then 5 years and they will be back for more. You would be nuts to move into KCMO.

  2. Dumbshits will vote for it.

  3. You'd vote for it too if your basement had 2 feet of sewage in everytime it rained


  4. If your basement has 2 feet of sewage that's all the more reason not to vote for it. You don't see your tax dollars at work in Kansas City and you never will. Kansas City is paying high taxes now so (what's that tell you) it's a city mismanaged.

    Don't give the city any more money until they start doing what they were suppose to do years ago and hire people who know what they are doing instead of a bunch of lazy people who sleep in city vehicles on side streets.

    The above post is right dumbshits will vote for it.

  5. VOTE NO -If you give then the money they will spend it and you will have four feet of sewage in your basement. They want to give away some sidewalks and ADA ramps to their friends for FREE. We paid for ours but I'm no friend of the city. Everybody needs to pay ther own way. Including all of the engineering firms and Dunn and their cronies.

  6. The flood mandates have already had money and bonds for them. the money has been squandered. Now they ask again. Fire LEEDS, AUDIT, Then we'll talk. Vote NO.


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