More followup on Kansas City student controversy for Friday . . . Discord following an alleged sexual assault continues to rage at UMKC.

Administrators freely admit and have apologized for a flubbed first response to the preliminary reports of the attack. Ensuing protest might have been justified but now seems to have gone over the edge.

Brief aside . . . Yes, we previously noted the suspect in this case has been reported as an illegal alien by one news outlet and very few others. Somewhat related to the topic of immigration . . . Hardliners often remind activists for "the undocumented" that "we're a nation of laws" but apparently basic American freedoms like the right to due process aren't taught at UMKC. Example . . .

College Fix: Students demand right to ‘fire’ administrators who call rape claims ‘alleged’

Money line:

A proposal circulated by students at the meeting accused administrators of “victim-blaming.” They said by “routinely prefacing the word ‘rape’ with the word ‘alleged,’” Tyler’s email and “University News articles” had committed “invalidation of rape.”

Apparently, this is a reaction to some reportedly dangerous times at the city college . . .

A student leader claimed without evidence that “one in five women will be sexually assaulted” at UMKC.

Those are pretty bad odds and here's a quick take from our blog community . . .

"They want to fire college administrators and assume that those accused of rape are guilty until proven innocent. Talk about a kangaroo court!"


What's worse is that all of this culture war controversy over immigration, politically correct terminology and "rape culture" at a school that hasn't had a decent frat since the 1950s overlooks the very real issue of safety at the University located in the midst of Kansas City's increasingly violent and dangerous urban core. Sadly, the political chatter and struggle to gain administrative control trumps any real or helpful discussion about policy to improve security and better communicate the threat of crime on campus.

You decide . . .


  1. protesting is the new college party where nobody is allowed to have any fun.

  2. An administrator with a backbone would tell students who "demand" special privileges to grow up or get out. Too bad they don't exist.

  3. Rape is a serious CRIME. It should be treated seriously. Both the rights of the alleged victim and the rights of the alleged rapist should be vigorously defended. And, "alleged" is appropriate for both.

    That means no "instant gratification", boys & girls. Title IX was never intended to be a short-cut substitute for the actual legal system.

    FYI? The "1 in 5" number comes from a "self-reporting" poll (i.e. one inherently inaccurate) and lumps into "sexual assault" everything from forcible rape to drunken groping. It is used to libel our universities as ten times more dangerous as the worst inner city crime areas!

  4. MR MIZZOU STOPLIGHTS3/24/17, 2:48 PM

    Well, I guess I will have to start going to more UMKC basketball games at Municipal and using the Street Car to get there. Anything to take a stand for a fellow UM System institution against the fake news TKC bloggers.

  5. UMKC is doing what the Star and and others do with their tap dancing for the moneymakers while taking cues from the PC crowd. No, not political correctness, but PROPAGANDIST CROOKS. Oh, yes, let's focus only on those 24 million annual visitors of this vibrant, smart city known as the Paris of the Plains. Crimes on campus, noooooooo biggie.

    What's the big whoop over a cerveza soaked, comatose coed sexy salsa dancing between the sheets with a real bad hombre? Let's all be young, have fun, forget about GRIME, CRIME, and BAD TIMES. Hey, y'all stay FROSTY!!!

  6. Yeah, like rape's even a thing. When all those Barry BathHouses are permitted at all the kiddies' schools, that archaic term will be renamed lab sessions in biology class.

  7. It doesn't happen often, but I completely agree with Phil on this one. The crime is ALLEGED until the facts are presented and judged, and no amount of snowflake angst should change that. Hell, even the the "snowflake daily" (i.e. the university paper) couldn't help but use the word "alleged".

    These kids are just pissed off they missed out on all of the protesting fun last year and think they've finally have something to "take a stand" about. The real world is going to be a smack in the face of these snowflakes.

  8. Do these morons learn anything in college? A rape claim is fucking ALLEGED until proven ya dumb bitches!!! I swear if these wodern day broad monsters had the power they would be neutering all males in the name of womens health issues.

  9. The favorite candy bar can be heard everywhere outside academics. The Snickers are laughing their asses off at what the kind created and now their monster is coming to fire them.
    The liberal bastion will hear the death toll when ObamaCare is dead with nothing to replace it and corporate America stops insuring at 18 again.
    The realization will then sink in that liberal Democrats will have given everyone a colossal catastrophic failure and their brand of politics will be dead... save for the few snowflakes and the few left at the star.
    The dumbass college students should have to qualify to get into school and they don't even understand the word "allegedly".
    Truly sad.

  10. Damn liberal democrats hate everything & ruin everything. Don't know what this has screed has to do with rape but...bigger question why don't boring people know they're boring? Why do people with limited intellectual capacity have to comment the same things on every post?


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