Fernanda Ferrari not only inspires us to offer more links and news for the Friday morning but also that social media can sometimes be a cruel mistress given recent Twitter trouble.

Closer to home, here are a few more topics worth a peek for local clock watchers. Take a look:

Kansas City Spring Training Hope???

Royals' Kennedy breaks camp with a spring ERA of 0.00 | FOX Sports

SURPRISE, Ariz. - Ian Kennedy has never had a spring training like this. Rest assured, he is not about to allow the numbers to go to his head. The Kansas City Royals broke camp with Kennedy not allowing a run in 17 1/3 innings in four Cactus League starts.

KCMO Morning Jacking!!!

Man tells Kansas City police he was carjacked by armed robber

Kansas City police are investigating a carjacking that happened early Friday in the 300 block of Topping Avenue. Officers responded to the incident around 5:45 a.m. The victim said he was on his way to work when the armed robber approached him.

Trouble Continues In Ferguson . . .

Bullet passes through firefighter's helmet while battling fire in Ferguson

Bullet passes through firefighter's helmet while battling fire in Ferguson Shot grazed top of firefighter's head A firefighter escaped serious injury in Ferguson, Missouri, when a bullet passed through his helmet as he helped battle a blaze in the St. Louis suburb. Ferguson police are investigating the shooting about 7:30 p.m.

Sound Of Cowtown Tribute

Calvin Arsenia Serenades Kansas City With A Love Song

The artist: Calvin Arsenia The song: "Kansas City, Baby" The album: Catastrophe (2017) The accompaniment: Jessica Paige (vocals), Coleen Dieker (violin), Joe Donley (upright bass) The story: Calvin Arsenia calls his music neo-classical urban folk. His signature instrument is pretty unusual - it's a harp.


Call for Makers - Maker Faire Kansas City

Apply as an exhibitor, performer, or presenter. Entry Open Date: Monday, February 27. Please enter early so we can reserve space for your exhibit. The first step to participating in the Maker Faire is to submit an entry that tells us about yourself and your project.

And this is ANOTHER OPEN THREAD for the Kansas City Morning . . .


  1. Let Ferguson burn, fuck em.

  2. This is such a great event for adults and kids. "Making" seems to be in their DNA, and I am so glad that we can recognize and celebrate it. This event is not for people who want to be politicians, study womyn's history, or are involved in some kind of identity politics. When the ACE charter school was open, they had a very wide participation of their families. You will see all languages and colors at this event. You just need to love to work with your hands and want to learn new things. Families, please mark your calendars for this event. It started very small, has grown very big, and will probably end up at an even bigger venue someday because it so cool.


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