Recently a bit of survey data confirmed what KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS already reported back in January . . . Question 3 is the most popular of all the GO Bond ballot issues.

The rest of the numbers we've seen from have been garbage and basically just confirm the worldview of the same dudes who thought Sen. Ted Cruz was gonna be Prez.

Fact is, the Animal Shelter and question 3 are popular because they're one of the few initiatives that have longstanding grassroots support. We'll have more on this later but for now . . .

Here are the most important supporting Question 3 arguments from animal lovers . . .

- This will be the first animal shelter ever built by Kansas City, MO. The current facility was built in the 1970’s and was originally a warehouse for Arrowhead Stadium construction, converted into an animal shelter at a later date.

- The new shelter would feature more housing for animals, separate adoptions and admissions areas, an education and training center, etc.

- This would be a public/private partnership with the City where a portion of the new shelter would be paid for by the Bond and the rest would be through private donations.

Still . . .

As much as we love doggies we can only hope that Question 3 supporters will be a bit stingy with their votes and turn Question 1 and 2 away given that these high tax efforts actually put their far more noble aims in jeopardy.

Nevertheless, here's a talking point that animal shelter supporters have overlooked amid a great deal of anti-tax push back...


A quick word from one of the many doggie lovers backing this effort . . .

"Thankfully, we're not using the same fuzzy math as Question 1 and 2. The cost of the shelter is minimal and will not be compounded over time. We're talking about a couple of bucks from homeowners for a facility that will help improve the city and further our reputation as part of the animal health corridor in the Midwest."

Reality . . . In a low turnout election, the most dedicated voters usually win. Accordingly, we respect Brent Toellner and his army of white women who have been working on this thing for years.

In fairness, whilst we explain the politics and polling FIRST and better than anybody in Kansas City. Here's an EPIC local blogger screed that offers some heartfelt advocacy for Question 3:

Reasons to Vote YES on Question 3 in Kansas City on April 4

You decide . . .


  1. Brent Toellner and his army of white women.

    TKC, youza bastid.

    1. Really wish they could have established the animal shelter as a separate question altogether. This is something that KC has needed for quite some time and I think the issue is being clouded by the other GO bonds. I guess that's probably part of the strategy.

    2. Everybody loves dogs. This should be an easy sell. If it doesn't pass, Sly will be to blame.

    3. I'm voting for this and the Question 5 weed ordnance. More taxes? No thanks, DUDE!

  2. ^^^ Settle down Bob Marley.

  3. Skeptic who has adopted shelter dogs for years3/29/17, 1:29 PM

    I get it, but KC Pet Project is naive and being USED by the City!!!
    Like every other publicly funded project thru the City, it is totally legal to BORROW FROM THE FUND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. This.Will.Happen!

    They may think it is mandated, but do not believe it. Whenever Steve Glorioso is within distance, bet on him to do his shell game, and move the money elsewhere. Especially while they raise private funds.

    And the Council must then take on $5 or $6 million EVERY YEAR to maintain the building. They're not gonna do that. Period. They are paying Cordish $15 million to cover their rent for Power and Light District! $500,000 to walk the Police Chief out the door. $200,000 to a disgruntled firefighter. It goes on and on.

    The city has bills coming due. They are desperate. They own $10 million to the Water Dept. Or is it the airport? Or the trolley? And what about the downtown hotel? The cITY ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS plays a shell game with your money.

    When BiState II was defeated, we saw the rich try to promise money to the arts, to hide the fact they also wanted to build a private TV studio for the NFL with taxpayer dollars.

    Good folk like the arts and the KC Pet Project get used as WHITE TOKENS of the middle class.

    Beware. If this fails, you can come back separately, and would have a better chance by unentangling yourselves from the clutches of Steve Glorioso. When the City Manager revealed to Dave Helling that everything in those 9 brochures is false--that's a red flag, folks. You're being used.

    1. Yeah! Take from the dogs and give to the NOGS??? No way!

  4. I miss Lassie...3/29/17, 2:02 PM

    So are we to believe that Brent Toellner and his "army of white women" are smarter than Glorioso--and think they have this wired that their money won't be "held hostile" by the City??? If Brent is so smart, why isn't HE Mayor? We could have a bevy of 12 white women, on the Brent. Move over, Shields and Jolie Justus!

    Here's a campaign slogan:
    KC is going to the dogs! Elect Brent Toellner Mayor! Raise the Woof!!!"

  5. I just now heard that Sly James refuses to debate 123GO on Channel 19 on Friday.

    Aw, Da Mayor is a Fraidy Cat!
    Time to put him in the shelter...

  6. Afghan hound3/29/17, 2:09 PM

    Where does Brent Toellner get his info--that ONLY his $14 million set aside out of $800 million is sacrosanct? And does he expect it will be delivered in a little package for Christmas?

    I've had dogs that were smarter than that.

  7. if you want to get some kids to mind and do something what do you bribe them with? You put visions of good sweet candy into their heads making them think that their reward for being good will be awesome, but in the end they only get a Tootsie Roll Pop.

    To get voters to vote for something, you get all the animal lovers to think something grand will happen if you offer to share with them some of the bounty but in the end after they all vote for for what they think they will get turns out to be nothing more than a tin building with some cages in it costing about 150k to build.

    One only has to look at the Sprint Center/Streetcar to see how easy the City will hose the taxpayers, then look at the Power and Light Dist, 18th and Vine to see just how fast your tax dollars are used to support pie in the sky dreams.

  8. ^^^ Excellent point!

  9. "Be good, kids, or I'll take you to Uncle Stupor Dave Larson's house and he'll rape you with a broomstick handle."

    That's what I tell my kids.

  10. I tell my kids to watch out for pervs like you, byron


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