TKC Blog Community Told You So: KCPD Rank & File Pay For Chief's EPIC $500K Payout

Once again, our blog community LEADS THE LOCAL DISCOURSE and here's important MSM followup on a conversation we started. Checkit:

Will Chief Forte's retirement impact KCPD budget decision?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Nearly $2 million is on the line as the Kansas City Council prepares to decide whether or not it will give the KCPD a budget bump.


  1. KCTV5 told us so.

    Not you.

  2. Actually it was channel 41, not some tard basement blogger.

  3. Aren't they all basically the same?

  4. He's going to law school so he can act as his own attorney.

  5. How can anyone say the state controls KCPD? What a farce of a notion.

  6. @7:07pm sees through the never-ending scam.
    Sly's on television commenting about Forte's payout as though he and former mayors can only stand on the sidelines and watch what the Police Board does.
    Actually, of course, mayors are on the board and he's been there now for six years.
    When was the last time Sly led a policy review for KCPD?
    Do he or his ever-growing staff spend any time learning enough about the police operations to enable him to provide well-informed oversight or recommendations?
    All of the members are KCMO residents who have been nominated by KCMO elected officials, and appointed by the governor.
    The notion that any Missouri governor has either the time or interest to call the shots for KCPD is both uninformed and silly.
    And the notion that the gang at 12th and Oak can effectively manage much of anything is disproved on an almost daily basis.
    As usual with this crowd, just follow the money.

  7. 500k just for being Black. What did the last guy get? Why aren't there caps on this sort of thing?

  8. WOW another year I and my fellow brother/sisters in blue wont receive a pay raise. WELL, I guess its another year of turning a "Blind Eye" to crime in the inner city.

    Thanks City OF KCMO

  9. Mmmm, Yummmm. Police, City, Fire PENSIONS and benifits. We all want that.


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