Like it or not, our blog community took the lead in calling for the dangerous and deadly world's tallest waterslide to be torn down after tragedy. Lesser local media outlets followed our path but we were first.

Thankfully, the KICK-ASS ADVOCACY of our blog community has elicited even more change.

Here's a bit of good news on that front . . .

KMBC: Amusement park regulations in Kansas could be tightened after a lawmaker's son was killed last year on a water slide that a passed private inspection.

However . . .


The words are powerful and represent a great deal of public sentiment held by people who don't want to see this kind of tragedy happen again.


TKC Reader Demands Accountability

The grieving parents still do not want to call it what it was--a decapitation.

They do cite negligence.

We need to go after the Gang of Five, not engineers, just middle managers at the UG who made up the science and demanded Schlitterbahn install the death net hoops.

And of course, greedy corporate interests -- who didn't question the order, didn't hire ANY licensed engineers to check it for safety--just complied--SO THEY COULD BE THE LEAD STORY ON A CABLE TV SHOW.

Jesus. The public remains endangered because we are not telling the full stories.

What about the local engineer who contacted the owners, in advance, and TOLD them it was structurally dangerous???

What does it take?

You decide . . .


  1. death hoops? That's harsh.

    1. It's likely that the Schlitterbahn settlement eliminated most of the questions about liability and now it's back to business as usual.

  2. Jackyl the Tijuana Ripper3/16/17, 7:24 AM

    The VERRÜCKT is moving to Parkville.

  3. MR STOPLIGHTS3/16/17, 8:03 AM

    If this slide had been designed by a MIZZOU engineer, this wouldn't have happened. We are too smart to make such mistakes.

  4. Need some muscle over here

  5. The Gang of Five played basketball with little Caleb Schwab's head. They slam-dunked him through their dangerous design of netting and metal hoops. So, 6:52--doesn't sound harsh to me.

    Five bureaucrats trying to be all powerful, thinking "they know better", and that "they are in charge" of safety in the Dot, sat around a little table at Rosedale BBQ in their polyester slacks and UG logo free shirts. On a sauce-stained cocktail napkin, one said "Meeting called to order." He then sketched out his system like one would engineer a go cart--using supplies from Strassers and Academy Sports. "How 'bout this?" said the man with the cue-ball coverup. The others nodded while stuffing a curlyQ fry in their mouths and washing it down with a beer. "Make those Schlitterbahn assholes put this up. Then we approve it. All in favor say AYE. Unanimous. Meeting adjourned."

    Their little idee had never been tested anywhere in the US for airborne sleds. They were smug. They showed who was boss in the Dot. They were overconfident in their abilities and too reckless with the public safety to even order an engineer to critique their little "solution". Have you ever seen this system at the Olympics? No. Ski resorts? No. Have you seen netting and metal hoops at public swimming pools with water slides? Of course not.

  6. Exactly, 9:38. The more you ponder it, without the hoops and netting, had the slide left the channel,and flown to the ground, there's a chance that little Caleb Schwab, with many broken bones, might still be alive. But he was killed airborne! It was the metal hoop that decapitated that boy. A few feet from the beginning of the ride, because the death net hoops were just at the top. Designed and ordered by an untrained, unlicensed, unvetted citizen and bureaucrat oversight committee of the UG. They killed that boy.

  7. Steve Vockrodt at the STAR--you're the only journalist in town with the news hole to pursue this. Get on it, please.

  8. This has been a complete coverup. My favorite was when the KCK cops told the news media, "Caleb Schwab died from a serious neck injury." That's a complete lie. He had no neck--he was decapitated. Tell the truth, PD. If you want the public to support you, tell the truth.

  9. What did you expect, 10:01?? The KCK PD is wholely funded by the UG. You don't rat out your fellow co-workers in a different department. That's cop code for loyalty and protect your own. The cops knew the accident did not happen on the ground. It happened in the air. Early in the ride. Because--the head was still trapped in the net. Witnesses to prove that. A detective threatened with their job for telling it. Only the rest of the boy's body was on the pavement below. The PD cordoned off the area to keep the public away. They had a crew that cut the net--and the head--off of the ride. Then the KCK PD stalled, deliberately--for a very long time, trying to contain the story. Ordered by the Administrator. They delayed at least 24 hours I believe, in even releasing a statement until they got their marching orders and the statement dictated by the Administrator. He had already connected the dots. He knew that the UG was part of the cause of death--because his men, his appointed committee, designed the instrument--the weapon--and forced Schlitterbahn to install it on the ride.

  10. Wow. This has to be investigated. So it isn't over...

  11. So Tony, are you saying our Ks. Legislature is now going to pass some kind of bill about water slide and amusement park safety? I'm sure it is well-meaning, and will be a slight consolation to State Rep. Scott Schwab.

    Good for them, I guess.

  12. Well, let me ask this. Is anyone in the Ks. Legislature an engineer? Does anyone actually have a license, and knows about public safety?

  13. Funny, 10:17...
    I think I read they don't even have a lawyer in the Ks. Legislature. Just pig farmers and Napoleans and PTA bitches. All well meaning. There is an eye doctor, Jim Denning. Former Sheriff Frank Denning's brother. A good guy.

    So--good intentions I am sure.

  14. Aren't we already past the halfway mark for the Ks. Legislature to draft and present bills for what they call mark-up? Aren't they close to adjournment in early May? With a huge task in front of them--fix the budget, fend off the Ks. Supremes, and finance the schools?

    What will their little safety memo bill accomplish?

  15. Sounds to me like it's really a version of a Hallmark card for fellow legislator Scott Schwab...a sympathy card.

  16. Or how about this--it names Don Knotts (Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show)--as the plenipotentiary and head of the Ks. State Safety Committee to regulate Haunted Houses and Water Slides...

  17. If the Ks. Legislature is in charge of us, and our safety, I'll surely sleep better tonight. Just don't hang out on 103rd Street--three armed robberies one morning this week at 8:30 in the morning. We better deputize the baristas at Starbucks.

  18. Reverend Mayor announced that muchos dineros from KCK taxpayers will be going into downtown Dotte, to build an "agrihood". The proposed mixed income 70 or possibly up to 92 units at "Prairie Fire Apartments" will have garden plots, covered parking, and appears gated in renderings.

    Well, seems "Prairie Fire Apartments" is a "PissOn the Fire Department". Uh, all that sprawled Legends mall area, those many nearby tall apartment units, expanding single family lots, and increased senior care housing NEED another protection services installation like the 98th & State firestation.

    Get those oldy moldy failing fubar'd FD stations in the old hoods rebuilt before giving devos freebies.

    So, how 'bout that vacant LEED certified, former EPA building become a retrofit residential site? It's already got secure covered parking, a large courtyard to install those green acres plots, and it's "sinful" sitting idle for too long now.

  19. It's so interesting to read the above comments. For those of you that remember the KCK blogger who was harassed, website hacked frequently, handcuffed and paraded around town by UG cops, suffered a near fatal heart attack from the stress, jailed and sent to fight for his freedom by the most corrupt rancid DA and judges in the entire United States that wrote about how this death trap was created and financed. But, did anyone listen?

    Now, you want to create a case from nothing when every tax payer paid cent of the $800 million star bonds issued was documented, minutes from every meeting secret and public or otherwise was posted, photos of the rusted and broken equipment the UG bought were available on his website for everyone to see. The UG blocked the website. Then, the UG crooks went after the people who wrote and distributed a small 4 page newspaper that documented their crimes in detail.

    No one listened or cared. He didn't spell or use the English language well enough to satisfy the public or the newspaper was hard to read due to the 3 and 4 syllables words used to expose the crooks. Finally the blogger said F-Off and the newspaper people where jailed and taken into bought and paid for court. Lies, lies and more lies. Watched UG law enforcement lie their asses off under oath. Those who didn't hold the secret documents on the Legends crimes against tax payers were used as an example. Don't f--k with the UG and don't tell our secrets was the bases for the charges and death threats.

    As for one that has had their life ruined for helping gather this information, I will tell you the same thing. Go F-yourselves. You let these lying thieves, their corrupt Topeka connections and their Mission Hills boys run this city. You let them build and build and build for failure using your money, then elect, re-elect and then re-re-elect the same lying thieves and expect anything to change.

    You didn't care about the why the EPA moved out of city, you didn't care the Legends was in bankruptcy multiple times, you didn't care when Rev Mayor bailed out a BBQ joint for millions, you didn't care when the built to fail T-bones was bailed out, you don't care the KCK fire fighters are sick from working in toxic buildings, you didn't care when Rev Mayor flew off to Wash DC to party with the Prez O and Royals ONE year after they won the World Series and just days after a KCKPD officer was shot dead in the streets. Or why a casino, hotel and convention center was not built at the Indian Springs location years ago. And on and on and on and on.

    Is the UG responsible? Why do you think they are so silent on this matter? They're pooping in their pants to have all this information available again. Rev Mayor is up for re-re-election and everything is coming up roses and the smell of peaches are in the air according to him. With no running against him (by design) but a lame ass BPU rep, so everything in his life is grand alright. But, for us of that know what's what and who's who, our lives are hell by design.

    Speak up and find out what happens to your life. And you better start a go fund me account. It's around $35 grand to buy yourself a lawyer only to find out he's on the UG payroll.

    I'll be checking to see how things move along with the public questioning the high and mighty Unified Crooks. Nothing more the UG crooks hate more than shining some light on their bought and paid for corrupt asses. Let the death threats and frame-ups begin.

  20. Uh, it's maybe not a bad idea to build housing in downtown Dotte. Although, the finer points of public versus private funds amounts, and particular debt mechanisms should be prime considerations for that housing. There are some desires and other projects that were discussed at hearings long ago, like crime reduction, elimination of blight, and the rebuilding of long neglected east Dotte. There are requests for a decent grocery downtown, an improved YMCA, and any or all eco-devo deemed sustainable in that urban area. Who pays, how much, and to which entities, are the sticky wickets.

    Now, when protection services are, for years upon years, in need of serious revamps to infrastructures, the health of the public safety personnel shouldn't have their cans kicked down the road, yet another year. It's good PD's South Patrol will have a fresh, new building soon. Several FD sites are well past due. A $12 million windfall is a start.

  21. Dam TJ you seem really angery

  22. Love how the UG guys call our money windfalls. Revamp to infrastructures and public health would be greatly improved if 5:51's bosses weren't lying thieves. 5:51 more UG fairy tails.

  23. Sorry 7:02 not TJ. Do you think he's the only one they kicked the crap out of? It's a favorite sport of the UG thugs. Just another KCK citizen that misses him. He was a tough son of bitch. We're drowning in lies and the windfall boys are proving the water. The water park is only the tip of the iceberg.

  24. Holland intimated that Kansas City’s inclusive environment has allowed Democrats to gain a stronghold within the city and promote their policy agendas.

    Holland said, “Democrats still have a foothold in Kansas City, Kansas, and we’re very proud of that."

  25. Let's get back on topic. So if a watersled goes airborne, which happens easily if the lightweight boy is loaded in the front, while the two fat gals 175 plus each, are in the back--and the sled encounters a metal hoop and a net--what does that protect? The rider? No. It only is designed to protect the slide. Yes--yes--protects it from leaving the channel. But the passengers are collateral damage. Their heads collide with the metal hoops, and are cut off and trapped in the nets. And in this case, little Caleb Schwab's head was cut off by the metal hoop, and entrapped for hours--HOURS--in the net, until it was cut down by KCK PD. But knowing that this system was designed and forced upon the ride operator, Schlitterbahn, in order to be allowed to open in time to be a sensationalized cable TV show, --well, the KCK PD covered it up, protected their buddies in another department. Told a bold-faced lie to the media--claiming the cause of death was just a "serious neck injury". Hoping against hope that all the attention would go to Schlitterbahn's owners, the Green family, too greedy to contest being ordered to install a dangerous so-called safety system. And none of the media, enriched by advertisers, bothered to place the REST of the blame on the Gang of Five, the Design Review Committee of the UG--who unwittingly designed the hoop and net "instrument of actual death". The smoking gun. Never reviewed by a structural engineer. And then the victim's parents friends chimed in, to pass a silly Hallmark sympathy card of a safety law in Kansas. Rather than pass a law requiring Design Review Committees to mandate sending any of their made-up designs and remedies for "safety" be stamped by actual structural engineers.

  26. Little Caleb Schwab cannot be happy, watching from wherever--"non-Physical"-- this charade unfold. His grieving parents, wanting SOMETHING--to protect future parents from this agony. But the proposed bill doesn't do anything. It mandates inspections where there are no problems. Like looking for the lost coin under the streetlight, while the object was dropped yards away in the dark.

  27. If the STAR doesn't get on this, then who can or will?

  28. Well I know that State Rep. Scott Schwab's high scool buddy from marching band from western Kansas is a reporter for Fox4--but really, what's the length of an average news story there? 45 seconds? 75 tops? Can't really expect an expose in that size of a news "package". You're right, 11:42. The Star has to investigate this.

    I know they don't finance big KORA open records act appeals much what with the budget. But God Almighty--wouldn't this be one time to do that, against the Unified Government?

  29. Did we learn nothing from the Hyatt hotel collapse?

    The STAR paid Wayne Lischka, the structural engineer, to investigate. They won a Pulitzer. About time they stepped up again...

  30. Don't forget that Wes Lyle, the Star photographer, who died just this year, was Lischka's team mate--they rushed over to the Hyatt and grabbed footage whilst the Hyatt personnel were dragging evidence out of the building to cover up the case of the collapse.

    Had Lyle and Lischka not been grabbing the evidence, the public would never have known that a design defect, approved by underlings and not structural engineers, was the reason 114 peopn died needlessly.

    The STAR's new publisher, Tony Berg, needs to pursue the Verruckt/Schlitterbahn/UG decapitation of Caleb Schwab with the same journalistic vigor. Do.Your.Job.


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