The Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

As we slouch toward the next Kansas City vote . . . Here's a glimpse of enduring hottie model Jodie Marsh strength and a peek at some of the top players displaying their influence. Take a look:

Kansas City's Anchor Man Gold Standard

A longtime hero of TKC, Phil Witt is one of the most trustworthy people in all of Kansas City when it comes to the news and he ends his career with a legacy of objective, straight forward and community-based reporting. Best of all, he stays winning and goes out at the top of his game rather than hanging on to local media glory as he looks to the next phase of his life and more family time.

Heather Hall Talks Police Money

She fought hard to find funds for police amid a salary crisis. Council Lady Heather Hall was ultimately unsuccessful but this Northland lady focusing on support for law enforcement amid KCMO politics that's mostly focused on development sets a brave example for all local elected officials.

Urban Core Development Debate Rages

Supporters of the Central City Economic Development Initiative are taking their fight to City Hall and calling out opposition on all fronts, including Council lady Alissia Canady. This tax effort is the upstart effort of the April 4th vote and could surprise local political denizens with in the final days leading up to the election.

KCPS Confronts La Migra

A groundbreaking resolution earns citywide acclaim from progressives and offers a glimpse of local resistance toward the immigration crackdown goals of Prez Trump's Administration.

Clay County GOP Targets KCMO Council

In the aftermath of the Missouri GOP Trump tidal wave . . . Local Republicans making a bold power move now have their sights set on Council spots in Kansas City Proper and they're starting by targeting Council Dude Dan Fowler.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


  1. Nice shout out to Phil Witt. He is one of the best local TV personalities in Kansas City and has been a great newsman for a long time. Congratulations on a great career, Phil!

  2. ^^^Ditto. Good luck!

  3. In other news, Tony Botello got to 2nd base! Developing...

  4. Maybe Phil Witt can dedicate more time to flashing people in nothing but his trench coat.


  5. VOTE NO ON 4


    1,2,3,and,4 will drive people out of the city.

    Where are your tax dollars going now???? To the schools?????? To fight crime????

    Make the city be responsible VOTE NO AN ALL!!!!

  6. I'd make sweet, sweet love to Heather Hall.

  7. So I guess Phil will be on the local libtart public tv outlet soon.

  8. ^^^Why would you care? Local TV is for shut-ins or those 65 or older. Which are you?

  9. 4:08 Why the fuck should you care what I care about. You afraid you might have missed a government entitlement or something frijole man?

  10. Thanks for giving Phil Witt a shout out TKC. A lot of people don't realize the role he has played in local TV.

  11. He doesn't have jack for hooters and ass, but he is one of the few at the station that can actually read three lines of copy without stumbling the hell through it.

  12. Yes. He didn't go to the Mark Alford school of stutter, fumble and fuck with your glasses a million times in 30 minutes.

  13. Heather Hall really embraces her role of City Councilman as being a servant of the people. She does well for her district, and the entire Council. Thank goodness for Heather Hall!

  14. More time for wagging his wienie.


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