The Kansas City Tessa Tuesday Mint Morning

As we quickly approach St. Paddy's Day, Tessa continues her reign as one of the top ranking Instagram hottie models in all of the land. This morning she inspires these Kansas City smart links. Take a look:

Kansas City Fashion Forward History
Nell Donnelly Reed: Kansas City dress manufacturer and entrepreneur
Tourist Takeaway Report
Kansas City travelblog: Civic pride at 18th & Vine
Tragic Cowtown Housing Heartbreak
Kansas City housing program sued, leaving renters searching for a place to live
Show-Me More Family Time
Missouri Governor OKs paid parental leave for some state workers
Clay County Hard Head Charge
Man facing charges after allegedly headbutting and breaking window of Clay County sheriff's patrol vehicle
Lesson In Losing Off Court
Raytown South's Basketball Success Masks District's Legal Troubles
Kansas City QB Crisis Continues
Did Chiefs make right decision letting Nick Foles go?
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Sub-leasing a home is one of the riskiest things anyone could do. If you do so, you want to make sure the real property owner is aware of what is going on and you have it in writing. Some people screw themselves by being too lazy to get the facts. Sub-leasing will never repair credit anyway.

  2. Instagram model


  3. Don't draft another Todd Blackledge, Chiefs.


    Tessa gives good headboard!!!


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