The Kansas City Saturday Hangover Links

Good morning Kansas City news junkies . . . Thankfully, our blog community is addicted to current events, politics and all kinds of local goodness rather than booze . . . And so we cope with heartburn rather than liver failure . . . Either way, let's start the St. Paddy's Day aftermath by checking these mainstream links. Take a look:

Sound Of Kansas City Protest

Kansas City Rap Duo Ces Cru Gets More Political Than Ever On Their New Album

On Ces Cru's new song " Purge," Donnie "Godemis" King and Mike "Ubiquitous" Viglione get more political than they have ever been before. Over a menacing and melodic piano, several voices say things like "friends, family, coworkers - all undocumented" and "it's genocide."

Kansas City Car Questions

Police find multiple stolen vehicles at tow lot after owner refuses to cooperate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's hard to see anything behind the fence of the Kansas City tow lot where a half dozen police officers have gathered. Police believe there are multiple stolen vehicles stored inside, but they say the tow lot's owner isn't cooperating.

The Cowtown Quarterback Crisis

Kansas City Chiefs: Drafting A Quarterback Might Not Be Easy

When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL Draft, the talk is still all about whether or not the team will take a quarterback. Many Chiefs fans are almost desperate for the franchise to finally get a quarterback in the first round. That is something that hasn't happened since 1983.

Airborne Luck Of The Irish

Two people walked away uninjured after a plane went down in Clay County

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. -- A plane crashed at Midwest National Airport near 69-Highway and Rhodus Friday. Clay County deputies and Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers were on the scene. The two people on board were not hurt. The FAA is now investigating the crash.

Kansas City Sporting Chance Improvement
Sporting KC Uphoria: Free ice cream headlines weekend rundown
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Paper... Trump’s budget could affect Kansas City streetcar expansion

    President Donald Trump’s proposed budget could eliminate one funding source for a possible expansion of Kansas City’s streetcar line.

  2. All Aboard! Toot Toot!

  3. If we are short $115 Million to build the extension we can just borrow it from the bond money. People will not notice.

    Cut back even more on basic services, like picking up trash bi-weekly, charging to recycle, cut the police budget some more.

  4. It is time to license TOW COMPANIES who wish to operate in Clay Platte and Jackson Counties. They have been ripping off stranded motorists and damaged car owners and when times are slow --picking up a few rides for out of state customers. With the license are unannounced inspections.

    That troll trolley needs to go away. Trump is doing his best to cancel such nonsense.


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