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Hottie model Hunter McGrady says that the term "plus-size" model is "a form of segregation" and her feisty body acceptance politics are part of her rise to the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Moreover, she has inspired this morning's gathering of all the important Kansas City mainstream media links. Take a look:

Northeast Institution Advocacy
Planning the Museum
Cowtown Rock Chalk Cheering Section

Sweet 16 ticket sales project big homecourt edge for Kansas in Kansas City

CLOSE Ticket sales on the secondary market back up what many already predicted: Kansas has the most formidable home-court advantage among Sweet 16 teams as the regionals begin play on Thursday. Users from Kansas account for 46% of the StubHub's traffic for those looking for Midwest Regional tickets, the most traffic from any one state among any of the regional sites.

Against The Grain: Politicos Defend Trade Deals In Kansas City

The importance of preserving NAFTA

by Jay Sjerven NEW ORLEANS - A panel of grain industry and railroad executives, addressing members of the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) during its annual meeting in New Orleans on March 19, said it was essential to preserve the tremendous benefits the North American Free Trade Agreement has provided the economies of the United States, Canada and Mexico, especially the food and agriculture sector, in any renegotiation or talks aimed at adjusting terms of the 23-year-old agreement.

Explaining The Legal Faith Fight

Dave Helling: If faith trumps secular statutes in Hobby Lobby case, then no law is safe

Under the Gorsuch rule, laws are subject to the religious whims of a company's owner. If a wily businessman tires of paying overtime, he or she can simply cite a Bible verse - or the Qur'an, or any religious text - and escape the requirement.

Kansas City Crunch Time

Kansas City Royals: Five Players With Most to Prove in 2017

After a year of going .500, the KC Royals are ready to get back into the playoffs in 2017. In order to do that, everyone on the team has to contribute in one way or another. Last season, the Royals missed out on their third straight postseason for several reasons, but injuries is the main one.

Off-Season Locker Room Harsh Times

Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos fails miserably on dunk attempt (Video)

Basketball junkies are reveling in March Madness, which has already lived up to it's name with some wild upset in the opening weekend. As everyone patiently waits for Thursday night and the Sweet 16 to begin, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos felt inspired to get his basketball on.

Sound Of Kansas City Classics

Gershwin's music takes center stage for Kansas City concert

The Boston Pops orchestra is performing Friday night at Kansas City's Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The show is called "By George! The Boston Pops Plays Gershwin." The concert will be an unusual one, said conductor Keith Lockhart.

Tech N9ne's Get Off Me (Feat. Problem & Darrein Safron) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. Helling once again shows what an idiot he is. No business should be forced to hand out benefits it deems questionable or does not agree with. If an employee doesn't like the benefits a company has to offer they always have the choice to work else where. When the government states mandating what benefits a company has to give an employee, then the owner of that company no longer owns their business.

    If you go ask any employee who works at Hobby Lobby if they hate Mr Green you just might be surprised at the answers you receive. In fact Hobby Lobby is a great company to work for. Holidays off, no Sundays either taking you away from your families.

    The government has no right to say what benefits a company has to give an employee. If a company wants to only offer you dental care only with no medical that is their choice as the owner and your choice as an employee rather or not you work there.

  2. Yaack! Fake tits and asses are not attractive. Real women rock! Heads up Ladies.... Spandex and yoga pants belong on very few of you. Duck lips look stupid! IF you want to look like a slut, don't be offended when you get treated like one. I look like a country boy and real women love it. ( plus I don't live with my Mom). But, sweetie, I do have a job so you need to go.

  3. I drove 30 miles to shop at Hobby Lobby Saturday ! Federal or State government should have zero right in private business. Let's go back to Blue laws. ( look it up snowflakes)

  4. I was being sarcastic about the Blue laws, most kids have no idea what that means. Unless they can't buy beer in certain Arkansas counties on a canoe trip.

  5. At the rate the Star and its parent company are swirling around the toilet bowl, it won't be too long before Helling won't have to be worrying about benefits that others have at other companies.
    His "benefit" of a regular paycheck will be gone.
    Then he can pontificate and tell whatever future employers what they need to do to be able to hire him.
    Good luck with that!

  6. That fat ass chick is not good looking.

  7. I bet Helling would have a different take if there was a law banning Muslim women from wearing head gear. After all there is a valid safety reason for the ban. But freedom of religion would rightly prevent such a ban.

  8. 7:07 Yes. She is fat. Some day, when youth fades that will be a problem. That day is not today. I would hit that.

  9. Helling forgets that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was sponsored by Democrats in both houses of Congress, passed by a Democratic majority and signed into law by a Democratic president. But that was then, this is now, and there's a new grievance group in town, one that can be counted on to vote Democrat. The other side in the dispute tends to vote conservative. For Helling, that's the issue in a nutshell and is an easy choice.

  10. If Helling can beat his wife and get away with it then no woman is safe.

  11. TOP PHOTO -- Role Play

    Humpty Takes It In The Dumpty!!!


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