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Hottie model Sammy is a rising star in world of Instagram models and lad mags yet she seems just a bit more classy than all of the typical Internets babes in her latest photo set and so she inspires the start to our midweek morning. Take a peek:

Celebrate Kansas City Tech Future???

Hoping To Hire Locally, Growing Kansas City STEM Companies Try Luring Students Into Science

In the next few years, many tech businesses in Kansas City expect to do a lot of hiring, with starting salaries that most recent college graduates can only dream of. But will these jobs go to native Kansas Citians or to people recruited from other places?

Deadly Crash Overnight

Deadly crash reported on I-70 in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Kansas Department of Transportation had to close eastbound Interstate 70 at 18th Street Expressway for a crash where a victim died on Tuesday night. The closure occurred at about 10:30 p.m., and is expected to last at least through midnight as the crash is investigated and the scene is cleared.

Fear Kansas City Junkie Sympathy Campaign

New ad campaign for KC nonprofit addresses concept of addiction as a disease

What if addiction were treated as a disease and not as moral weakness? That's the premise of a new advertising campaign that examines how cancer and Parkinson's patients are treated akin to a person struggling with drugs and alcohol.

Big Money For Politico Across The Bridge

Clay County Administrator Dean Brookshier Receives 44% Salary Increase - The Northland News was sent a copy of Clay County Administrator Dean Brookshier's new contract and old contract from an anonymous source late today. Click HERE for the 2015 contract, click HERE for the 2017 contract. There is significant differences between the two contracts. The most obvious difference is the amount of salary increase that Brookshier received.

Kansas Guard Exposed

For Kansas National Guard officers, fates diverge as discipline unfurls

Capt. Daniel Beach can follow the demise of his military career like a tracer round to a pair of menacing decisions by commanders in the Kansas National Guard. A close examination of inventory documents in 2009 revealed more than 50 bayonets, several close-combat gun sights and some night-vision goggles were found to be missing from the National Guard armory in Kansas City, Kan.

Show-Me Prevailing-Wage Pull Back

Missouri House votes to repeal public construction wage law

Missouri House votes to repeal public construction wage law second House vote is needed to send the prevailing-wage repeal to the Senate Missouri's Republican-led House has endorsed a bill to repeal the state's "prevailing wage" requirements for public construction projects. The 93-60 vote Tuesday is part of a Republican push to revamp the state's labor laws by limiting union powers.

Sunflower State Doggie Shaming

'No pit bulls allowed' sign in Kansas goes viral

A photo of a sign that reads "No pit bulls allowed" has gone viral on Facebook. The sign is posted at the Dog Park in Andover Central Park.

Kansas City Busted Pipes Aftermath

Kansas City in process of replacing old pipes like one that flooded Main Street, plan to be done in 95 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A water main break in Kansas City's Crossroads District on Monday could demonstrate a larger problem underneath the city's streets. The water main that sent water cascading down Main Street from 16th Street was installed in 1886.

Kansas City Springtime Comeback???

Royals, key players looking for bounce-back season in 2017 | FOX Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) The Kansas City Royals and Alex Gordon were both flying high a year ago, the team coming off its first World Series title in three decades and the star outfielder having signed a new long-term contract.

Old School Urban Core Winning!!!

Iconic Stevens House in Historic NE added to the National Register of Historic Places

By Paul Thompson Northeast News March 29, 2017 KANSAS CITY, Missouri - It was a long process, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of homeowners Jeff Linville and Jeff Zumsteg, the Stevens House, across from the Kansas City Museum, recently earned a listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

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  1. my opinion is that prohibiting pit bulls is a reasonable idea.

  2. Cheers to the Repubs for taking down the Democrat greedy union slob "prevailing wage" scam.

  3. Looks like KC is in for more flooding thanks to our old streets and pipes. This is why we need to vote YES 123 GO!

    1. Yep! Get that blank check signed with zero accountability for Mayor Bullhorn!!


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