The Kansas City Megan Fox Morning Look

This morning we start our news compilation consideration with EPIC actress hottie Megan Fox as her Instagram goodness takes her to new lingerie modeling heights that meet with much better reviews than her recent movies . . . Which is actually quite encouraging.

Close to home, we also have our eyes on this local news links . . . Take a peek:

Talk Radio Revolving Door Keeps Turning
KCMO-A/Kansas City Adds Phil Valentine Show For Afternoons
Tragic Crash Starts Today
Police investigating fatal crash near Truman and Jackson
City Hall Green Chat Coming Soon " KCMO renewable energy forum for commercial/industrial businesses
Rock Chalk App Against Rape
KU giving out app to help keep students safe
Home Team Spring Cleaning???
Kansas City Royals: A Fire Sale May Be Looming
This Week's Library Teaching Moment
Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven American Women Artists
Credit Where It's Due: NICE INK Coverage Of Great News TKC Reported In January
A KC performer finds purpose in presenting diverse stories and storytelling
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Grandma, what is that stuff on your arms.. it looks like blobs of poo

  2. "Police investigating fatal crash near Truman and Jackson"

    We have got to capture Jack the Ripper

  3. TOP PHOTO -- KC's Most Accurate Weather Forecaster

    In the event of severe weather, enter your Fox-hole and shelter in place!!!

  4. KU students, If you think an app is going to keep you safe, you have lost it.


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