Suspected Creeper Beat Down And Charged With Attacking Girl At Kansas City Park

Update on a tragic story and an even worse mugshot. Take a look: Man accused of trying to sexually assault girl, 2, on Kansas City playground


  1. Just hang this POS and be done with it.

  2. Fucking disgusting. He pulled down the diaper of a two year old and began trying to rape the baby. Too bad he didnt get killed, but I think once the inmates in Missouri Dept of Corrections catch wind of this....they will be waiting to show him some of the same. Then, he will be the one wearing a diaper.

  3. This park is dangerous because of the Re-Start shelter. I used to in the area and there were bottles and needles scattered everywhere.

  4. There woulda been one more dead nigger fo the police to clean up if he had tried that shit with my kids. This is why I'm always strapped in Killa City.

  5. Truly unbelievable. Just when you think KCMO can't lower the bar any more, something like this happens.


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