Steve Rose Calls Out Congressman Yoder

The top MSM columnist in JoCo offers a challenge to Golden Ghetto leader. Take a look:

Yoder should face constituents, explain GOP health care plan

If Republicans in Congress repeal and replace Obamacare, U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder should hold town hall meetings to explain the new plan. It may be a tough sell, but Yoder should meet in person with his Kansas constituents, even if it turns ugly.


  1. Do his farts smell like a Rose?

  2. Rose should meet with all the former Star readers who cancelled their subscriptions because they would not pay to read columns written by idiots like him.

  3. Therein lies the quandary-

    They want to know why readership goes down.

    Look at some of the columnists and their age.

    Young people can relate to that or would want to?

    Hide their faces and change their names... they still could not relate to the language used today.

    Besides- young people go to social media to get their edition of opinion and facts.

    When all the old geezers die as subscribers... print edition gone and millenians won't be caught reading mom and dad's media full of old people.

  4. I am so ready for Trump voters to feel the pain that they brought on themselves. The people who are going to get raped prison-style the worst are the ones that got Trump elected. Poorer people in rural areas are about to get bent bent over and anally violated with a baseball bat and they deserve it. Rural areas of Kansas are going to start seeing there high schools close, which devastates these small towns but they asked for it. People have tried to help you and lead you to water but we can't force you to drink and now they're going to feel the pain they voted for. The uninformed masses are in for a huge shock and it's nobody's fault but their own. You could see it on the faces of those people at the town hall meeting in West Virginia last week when it was explained to them to their faces what they've done to themselves and I don't feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for people like my wife's uncle who is a self-employed farmer in Kansas that is diabetic (not because he's obese or anything) that finally got insurance through ACA. Now with that pre-existing condition he is fucked but he doesn't vote for the very people that are going to fuck him like millions of Americans do. Lot of dumb people out there that are about to get bent over just because they voted for the magic "R."

  5. Congressman Yokel is a typical Republican politician. Total coward, total fascist, mass murderer or the old, the sick and the poor. Scum of the earth. But a fair representation of the white monsters (aka brain-damaged Kansans) who elected him.

  6. who asked him?

    oh, forgot, it's a legacy news source with legacy editorial writers who enjoy talking to each other in an echo chamber.

  7. With an on-going negotiation, it's difficult to comment, so it's understandable that he wants to wait for a less rough-draft to talk about.

    Those who'd scream for perfection and instantly aren't really good-faith actors.

    Give it some time for refinement.

  8. Rose thinks KCI boondoggle should somehow be rammed through without a vote and regardless of what a majority thinks.

    Knowing that reveals what he thinks about other people.

  9. On Mother's Day, Rose wrote about JoCo "Emily" receiving state aid over many years for her 4 kiddos by 4 baby daddies.

    He never followed up with a Father's Day "story" on those 4 deadbeat dads. Rose didn't explain how it is Kansas SRS and 4 feckless fellahs had Rose and the Sunflower state's taxpayers providing for these MIA babymakers' responsibilities to care for their kiddos for so long.

    Good one, Steve. Your welfare queen Emily "story" is ridiculous.

  10. 819
    Obamacare passed six years ago
    If it's so great why is it that your uncle "finnaly" got covered by the ACA?
    I thought the magician called Obama fixed all that

  11. 4:24 I don't understand your question or point. To clarify, my wife's uncle is diabetic. He was able to get health insurance from Obamacare despite it being a pre-experience condition. If the ACA is repealed and replaced with something shitty, like it looks like it will, and pre-existing conditions are not covered, then he is fucked.

  12. 502
    Got it. I believe that part is being left alone
    Personally I think they should repeal obanacare and do nothing
    Let me but my insurance on my own
    I know there others who need help, those we should help
    But get the government out of it all together

  13. I have asked Yoder not to support a plan that insures fewer, not more people. Ryancare will screw those in their 50s-60s who must still work. AARP opposes Ryancare. Yoder will suck Ryan's dick.


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