Show-Me 'Right To Work' Court Fight FAIL

A legal move to challenge Missouri law suffers a defeat that was mostly unnoticed . . .

"Republican Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem in his ruling said summaries approved by Kander might have been sufficient at that time. But he said the main effect of the measures now would be to repeal the right-to-work law, and the petitions as written lacked context to show what effect they would have. “Because the summary statements here do not provide this essential context, they are unfair and insufficient,” Beetem said."

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Effort to stop right to work dealt blow in Missouri court

by Summer Ballentine, AP JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Missouri judge ruled that the wording of a summary for a proposed ballot measure to overturn right to work is not accurate and he rewrote the measure to ask voters if they want to force employees to make payments to labor unions as a condition of employment.


  1. Poor little Jason being lead around by the nose by the likes of femdommes like Liz Warren. Boy needs to grow a set and develop some leadership skills or he is going to end up one big Democratic ladies lunch club patsy.

  2. Repubs standing up to Democrat greedy union slob-scamming weasel bosses!

  3. Republicans don't stand up to anything or anyone. That takes a spine, The only thing they stand up for is the glory hole in the men's room.

  4. @9:31 --- typical giggly Democrat "male" --- compulsively obsessed with "glory holes" and sucking cocks.

    funny...and.. a little creepy.

  5. ^^^^Exactly like every republican serving in office right now. Yourself included.

  6. The unions on the east and west coast are the reason for right to work in mo people see how corrupt they are on the coast and they take it out on the unions here

  7. 9:50 sounds like the typical looser libtard cry baby. Forgive him. He just recently learned that Republicans don't hand out entitlements to strong spined little boys who need to get a fucking job.

  8. @9:50 using his Democrat kindergarten debating skills--

    the - "nuh-uh YOU'RE a poopy head" 5 yr old's rebuttal.

    oh well.. smarts and education not necessary to be a greedy union slob.

  9. ^^Your mother was a poopy slob who gave head to the union.

  10. Question for some of you: when would you say America's pinnacle was? I bet a lot of you would say the 1950'same. Why is that? Is it because the economy was great and a guy working at a factory could buy a house while his wife stayed home and raised the kids? Back then union membership was around 35%. A rising tide raises all ships, I don't know why that is so hard to understand. You know how millenials aren't buying houses and are drowning in student loan debt? That is bad and it is bad for the future of all of us. When the boomers die, Gen Xers like me already have their homes, there will be a huge surplus of houses on the market because there won't be anyone to buy them. That drags down all of our home values. Big ticket items like houses and cars make the economy go round. Stop being so myopic and look outside of your immediate existence. And no, I'm not in a union.

  11. LOL @ 2:04 -- STILL obsessing over mens cocks--

    likely something his gay Democrat old man taught him to do, at a very early age.


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