Show-Me Nobody Voting April 4th

We talked bout this earlier in the week and now it seems that so many protests about changing the status quo really don't apply to local politics . . . And thereby remain mostly meaningless. Take a look:

One safe prediction about Tuesday's election: most people won't bother voting

On March 7, the city of St. Louis held its primary, where voters selected Democratic and Republican candidates for mayor. It was the first election in 16 years where the current mayor, Francis Slay, wasn't running. It was also the first election since the 2016 presidential vote - when Donald Trump's victory sparked a lot of protests, outrage and, in some cases, celebration.


  1. This is how we get stuck with the bullshit we get stuck with. Peckerwoods watch TV instead of voting. Blacks have nothing to loose because they own little real property. Doubling property tax won't hurt them a bit.


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