Show-Me Missouri Worker Crackdown

Construction worker wages are the new target of the Missouri GOP. Read more:

Missouri House passes prevailing wage repeal

The Missouri House has passed a bill that would repeal the state's "prevailing wage" law for public construction projects. The proposal, which passed Thursday with an 89-60 vote, would reverse a state law requiring cities, school districts and other government entities to pay more than the state's minimum wage for public construction and maintenance projects.


  1. I was wondering if something like this would come along. On one-hand, as one involved in construction, I surely enjoy going out on prevailing jobs when we can get them, on the otherhand, this should significantly reduce municipal outlays on public improvement projects which is a HUGE hindrance to minor towns (500 - 25k pop.). On the otherhand, likely union enrollment will go down and the wages to those laborer's families likewise drop.


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