Show-Me EPIC Pro-Life Crowd In Jeff City

Important statehouse news that is typically obscured from public view . . . As the move to cut back baby killing in Missouri starts to get more serious and FINALLY hold GOP politicos accountable as well . . . Statewide Office Holders Energize Crowd at Missouri Right to Life's "Show Me Life" Pro-Life Action Day | NRL News Today


  1. Why does god keep killing all the babies inside their mothers??
    What's with all the birth defects??
    Well, it's just god funnin' with us right?
    All loving, all good, all sweet& kind, and..etc....
    ...yeah right!

  2. Sorry about that^^^It's me chuck again, and I can't seem to process all the hate in my heart. This is the only outlet I have...I'm really, really, really lonely.

  3. ^^^^^ Suck (the fascist Stalker) back "impersonating" Chuck.

    Hope this new tactic works out better for Suck than when he just called Chuck (or whoever he thinks is Chuck) a "Cuck", a "Nazi", or a "repubtard shit-flake".


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