Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show-Me EPIC Po-Po Forfeiture Loophole

Agree or not . . . Great reading regarding a possible motive for the losing but still never-ending drug war. Take a look:

Loophole Lets Missouri Cops Keep Millions in Forfeiture Funds - Institute for Justice

Under a civil forfeiture loophole, Missouri law enforcement agencies have diverted millions of dollars in seized assets away from a fund for public schools, instead retaining those funds for their own use. A new report by the Missouri State Auditor found that police had seized over $6.2 million worth of property in 2016.


Anonymous said...

that is nothing new that has been going on for years

Anonymous said...

If you think it's a loophole you're as dumb as they want you to be. Pigs stealing people's stuff, a story old as time.

Anonymous said...

They haven't stolen funds from the wrong person yet! If it happened to me one by one a bunch of blue maggots would be dealt with medievally over a period of time till there weren't any more of them!