Second Kansas City Angel Hooper Deadly Shooting Suspect Stands Trial

The legacy of of the most tragic deadly shootings in recent memory continues as suspects continue to face justice. Here's an important update:

Second man charged in death of KC girl shot outside convenience store heads to trial

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of the two men charged in the death of a little Kansas City girl stood trial Friday. Just before noon the prosecution was wrapping up its arguments for the day against Howard Chase. Angel Hooper was just 6-years-old on October 17, 2014 when she was shot and killed outside the 7-Eleven at 107th and Blue Ridge.


  1. To the family of Angel Hooper my thoughts and prayer are 28th you when I first saw this on t.v I wanted to cry. I saw a little girl who was enjoying her life.I also know we as kcmo residents have lost two people.The defendant has a family who feel hurt and pain also.Please let God be the only judge.

  2. If we can't protect 6 year old children and hold their murderers accountable, why should we even have a court system, police, or prisons. No amount of sympathy or rationalization can change the fact that an innocent little girl died horribly. God will judge, but he gave us The Law to regulate our lives. God may forgive them. We may forgive them (unlikely in this case). But there are always consequences and a price to pay for criminality. You can be forgiven, but you should still spend the rest of your life in prison.

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